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#Mastodon seems to have survived another wave of #TwitterMigration. It's now over 2 million active users which is like 10x (?) more than 2-3 weeks ago. Things sometimes slow down, but the network is up and running. This community-run federated thing is quite resilient, isn't it? Kudos to instance admins! 👏

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I've previously expressed my desire to and difficulty with using git-annex and thought it fair to provide an update.

I gave it another shot by starting completely fresh and being more intentional about the data I'm managing with it and it's been a much more positive experience.

I suspect my previous problems were due to accidentally copying other git repos into the git-annex repo which seems like it could be problematic.

Now I'm using it for a good amount of data and it's been awesome. I can have a representation of all of my data (but not the actual data) on my laptop and just pull specific files down when I need them and drop them when I'm done. I can also use the system to provide redundancy for my data rather than having to store it on my NAS. Or, I can put in YouTube URLs to save them for later without having to download them. Great stuff. Highly recommended.

Just put an order in on an EV. Looking at EVSE options right now and found OpenEVSE ( Looks interesting, all parts and schematics and code is open. Home Assistant integration is available. There are apparently mostly happy users but we're way way down in the niche territory to really get a good idea of how good of a product it is so it still kinda feels like a crap shoot.

Been doing a bunch of home infrastructure work. Server storage upgraded. I've got all my services moved over to docker containers built with docker-compose. Rebuilt the Raspberry Pi Ceph cluster and so far it's much more stable than last time. Let's see how it goes as I fill it up...

Theoretically, if someone didn't want any news or Twitter repeater bots on their timeline, would blocking the be the right move? I don't want to block or mute any real people but I'm losing the battle manually blocking each bot account...

I really want to use git-annex but I keep getting my repos into an unusable state. I'm sure it's my fault but it's sure annoying.

Anyone aware of a simple youtube-dl webgui that doesn't have a ton of dependencies or a complicated setup? I'd love a simple app I could throw on a RPi that I could paste a URL into and it would be downloaded for me.

I could hack something up Python/Flask pretty quickly but I already have too many started-but-unfinished projects.

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