Been doing a bunch of home infrastructure work. Server storage upgraded. I've got all my services moved over to docker containers built with docker-compose. Rebuilt the Raspberry Pi Ceph cluster and so far it's much more stable than last time. Let's see how it goes as I fill it up...

Theoretically, if someone didn't want any news or Twitter repeater bots on their timeline, would blocking the be the right move? I don't want to block or mute any real people but I'm losing the battle manually blocking each bot account...

I really want to use git-annex but I keep getting my repos into an unusable state. I'm sure it's my fault but it's sure annoying.

Anyone aware of a simple youtube-dl webgui that doesn't have a ton of dependencies or a complicated setup? I'd love a simple app I could throw on a RPi that I could paste a URL into and it would be downloaded for me.

I could hack something up Python/Flask pretty quickly but I already have too many started-but-unfinished projects.

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