is there a european free software group i can join/donate too? fsfe is officially doing double standards and backstabbing, so they aren't an option anymore.

You can always donate to the US one, and encourage people with the converse problem to donate to the European one. This might balance out over the trenches of the Culture War.

@timorl tbh, i don't want to balance any trenches, i want the witch hunts with their absolute ultimates to stop. fsfe has now shown they rather participate in witch hunts.

I didn't want to imply balancing, I wanted to suggest a way of still supporting free software while also making a statement about the issues you care about. And if you don't want to make a statement, but rather exert financial pressure, then my suggestion also attains that goal wihout lowering the total amount of money going to free software causes, at least worldwide.

Although, if you care about the culture war that much more than about free software then not donating at all is also an option.

Ah, not balancing trenches, balancint the total amount of money.

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