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Hello Mastodon QOTO :)
Just jumped across from Twatter before the shit hits the fan there, to see what it's like here. Interested in all science, maths, technology, pretty much everything in fact. Politically to the left. Hoping to meet some interesting people and learn new things.

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For this video we have looked at what applications are currently under development and I added some wild speculation about where things will be going in the near future. (Check out the voice simulator that imitates me almost perfectly.)

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Whatever your views on monarchy, arrest of anti-royalist campaigners for exercising right to peaceful protest is chilling. Many of us warned about exactly this when govt rushed thro the illiberal public order bill. This is not what democracy looks like

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Like the 2012 Olympics inspiring young people to take up rowing or judo, many will be watching the coronation and be inspired to become royalty themselves.

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If you're protesting the :


📲SAVE these legal advice bustcards

📡SHARE with other protesters

🖊️WRITE phone numbers on your arm

🦺FIND Legal Observers for assistance

🤫"NO COMMENT" without lawyer

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This is the sad truth of Britain today under the Tories, we had to pay for my 90 year old mum to see a dentist as she was in a lot of pain, no dentists taking on NHS patients, it’s a disgraceful situation The sooner we can get rid of this Tory government the better

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🔥 East Anglia Bylines discovered 3 polling stations where staff confirmed they’d been instructed that voters without voter ID were to be sent away, if possible, before entering the polling station, so they wouldn’t have to have the rejections recorded.

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UK PM Sunak's Conservatives rejected by voters at local elections

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BREAKING: With the number of Green gains in Mid Suffolk now at 6, the Greens have reached the threshold of 18 seats and have now got majority control on the council.

>This is the first time in history the Greens have ever had majority control on a council anywhere in the UK<

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3D DRAM could be revolutionary – if it works - Jim Handy on Neo's 3D X-DRAM -

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We've received information about an 11th hour briefing to polling station clerks, to turn away ID-less voters before they enter the polling station, so they can’t be counted as having been officially turned away.

See our blog

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Teesworks: Houchen’s silence

Why will the Tees Valley Mayor not respond officially to the Private Eye report on land being sold off at £1 per acre? Julia Mazza reports


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NEW: Campaigners have warned of a crisis in basic housing services after a single father was forced to protest outside a London council’s office just to get it to respond to his urgent need for homelessness assistance.

My latest for @BylineTimes

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And a reminder that the baseline of Covid infections now always sits at one MILLION. Out of 67 million people in the Uk 😵‍💫Over 3 years into this. How many are being reinfected?
ZOE app is now all we have to know the prevalence. And some wastewater info.

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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reportedly stated that Russia 🇷🇺 has mined Reactor 4 of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).

News reports indicate that Ukrainian troops 🇺🇦 are advancing on the 🇷🇺 positions in that direction.

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This is so embarrassing. Starmer making all of them trot out utter nonsense (well done to Jo Coburn for challenging some of it) to cover for his weapons grade lying.

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@CCHQPress Two-thirds of police stations in England have closed since 2010. A new study digs into the dire consequences

@josiahmortimer via @BylineTimes

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In a glimpse of the dismal fate awaiting Earth, scientists for the first time have observed a star, bloated in its old age, swallowing a Jupiter-like planet, then expelling some material into space in an energetic belch.

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