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Hello Mastodon QOTO :)
Just jumped across from Twatter before the shit hits the fan there, to see what it's like here. Interested in all science, maths, technology, pretty much everything in fact. Politically to the left. Hoping to meet some interesting people and learn new things.

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Johnson has recently trousered £1.8M but the taxpayer gets the £220,000+ bill for his legal fees. In a country where so many cannot afford legal representation and legal aid has been cut to the bone, to have taxpayers paying this greedy grifter’s legal costs is beyond sickening.

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Magic Money Tree.

UK govt hands £5bn to BT for broadband provision.

BT will keep the resulting assets & income streams.

I asked the govt why it did not insist that in return BT must provide free broadband to poor/vulnerable households.

Watch rubbish answer from the Minister.

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Requesting OGDs, colonoscopies and ERCPs is the most backwards thing ever at the hosp I'm at. You request it, then you have to run around until you find one of the 2 gastro consultants to discuss it with.... Friday evening I saw a patient in ED who was sent home but needs an

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Scoop: Some NATO countries pushing the alliance to formally increase its defense spending benchmark from 2% of GDP to 2.5 or even 3% at next NATO summit

Comes amid growing concerns the 2% mark won't cut it for Ukraine support or deterrence against Russia

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Extraordinary undercover story from The Times about prepayment warrants that is already seeing Government response and from Centrica:

Exposed: How British Gas debt agents break into homes of vulnerable

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The numbers of court warrants under Gas or Electricity Act approved is incredible - over 1000 a day in 2022, acc to MoJ figures. Difficult to fathom how so many are approved by magistrates. Very few are refused - unlike in 2019….

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as a teacher who was striking today and a labour party member i can’t help but feel disappointed and let down that not one of the four bristol labour MPs have tweeted anything in support of this historic action today!!!

the labour party is letting down workers

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Why are Palestinian homes being demolished?

The Israeli Ambassador to the UK @TzipiHotovely says there needs to be some deterrent for people engaging in terrorism.


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To secure the software in your supply chain, there’s a lot of hype today about the need for an SBOM (software bill of materials).

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New Report Blows Apart Dominic Raab’s ‘Bill of Rights’

The Justice Secretary’s long and “dangerous” campaign to scrap the Human Rights Act was “pushed forward by parts of the media” smarting from privacy laws.

By @josiahmortimer

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Mathematicians have waited over 60 years for a counterexample to a central conjecture about knots. They’re going to have to keep waiting. @slomanleila reports:

U.S. health officials are advising people to stop using over-the-counter eye drops that have been linked to an outbreak of drug-resistant infections.

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Frequent nightmares, witnessing patients die preventable deaths, suffering aches and pains, drained from long hours, regularly skipping meals and barely able to afford rent.

I spoke to junior doctors about why they're voting to strike.

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Just interviewed Governor Andrew Bailey after rate rise - interesting answers - released at the top of the hour - here’s a quick take from outside the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street.

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A new version of the Prilex POS malware has found a novel way to steal your credit card information.

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