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Hello Mastodon QOTO :)
Just jumped across from Twatter before the shit hits the fan there, to see what it's like here. Interested in all science, maths, technology, pretty much everything in fact. Politically to the left. Hoping to meet some interesting people and learn new things.

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The fundamental mindset of Chinese tech companies is still driven by short-term profit, and they have always looked to the state to sponsor technological leaps.

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‘The McKinseys and the Deloittes have no expertise in the areas that they’re advising in’

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I often quote Golda Meir when people ask me about peace negotiations with Russia. Inter alia, she was born in Kyiv

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Council sells village, new private landlord raises rent by 60%.

Got to love privatisation.

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Recommended read: Consumers foot the bill for traders ‘manipulating’ UK power market | @GavinFinchBBG @jasongrotto @_ToddGillespie @_samdodge @business

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This is the final piece of the Tory plan for a two-tier health system:

1. Force increase demand for private (through neglect of NHS & prolonging waits)
2. Seed money to private via NHS funds
3. Money follows patient - aka patient choice

Hard to see a way back after this!

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Just How Much Further To The Right Is Keir Starmer Willing To Stoop?

New one from me

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Benjamin Netanyahu operates a brutal regime of apartheid over the Palestinian people.

Instead of rolling out the red carpet, Rishi Sunak should confront the Israeli PM over human rights abuses, ban the trade of illegal settlement goods, and call for justice, equality & peace.

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"Back-to-work schemes in England previously funded by EU forced to close

Government’s post-Brexit funding U-turn comes too late for councils to allocate money to keep them running"

Gove only just told them about new funding from April. Far too late!

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Richard Meddings in charge of risk management at Credit Suisse is also Chair of NHS England

Government appointed by Sajid Javid

He suggested reducing Drs training this week🤔

NHS England is failing the & in particular GPs

We expect & need more

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Health insurance companies make money when people pay their premiums and are then denied care.

Cigna reported $6.7 billion in profits last year.

Health insurance is a scam designed to take your money, not protect your health.

We need universal healthcare with

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Part 1 👇 The Purge
Part 2 👇 The Crisis
Part 3 👇The Heirarchy
Part 4 👇 The Spying Game

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"From gifts, dinners and trips abroad to donations from the super rich & second jobs from big businesses. This web of influence is aimed to do one thing, to get this house to work for the wealthy few and not the people we're elected to serve"

Spot on, @zarahsultana

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We couldn’t agree with this more

RT if you do too

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A quantum internet could revolutionize communications. In a step toward this future, research from @LosAlamosNatLab advances the design and construction of two-dimensional quantum light emitters for communications applications:

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All UK honey tested in EU fraud investigation fails authenticity test. Honey adulterated with cheap sugar syrup.

Ten honey samples from the UK failed the tests.

Food Standards Agency asleep again.

Anther post-Brexit benefit for the UK - food fraud.

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Richard Feynman's Lectures on Physics are timeless: their main strength is in demonstrating how to reason about physics. You may not know all the lectures are completely online:

Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:

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It is the full-scale defeat of Russia that will be a reliable guarantee against new aggressions and crises.

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🚨MPs FOR HIRE: a Led By Donkeys undercover investigation🚨

Watch the trailer…

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