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The Government are desperately trying to shut down this story. Well done the Yorkshire Post. Please retweet this, it’s a national disgrace

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These are perfection. Thank you to ‘Wankers of the World’ on FB.

‘Tories without the privilege. Being born in the right place at the right time has nothing to do with hard work. All created by Wankers of the World using AI.’

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Recycled pledges. Reheated ideas. Costly, slow & unproven technologies. None of the onshore wind, rooftop solar & proper home insulation that we desperately need to meet emissions reduction targets. Govt’s strategy needs another rewrite.

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Is it right to see two Conservative MPs on GB News interviewing Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, which was then advertised by the HM Treasury Ofcom?

None of this is apparently an issue with Ofcom chair Dame Melanie Dawes, because GB News is not a news programme

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Forensic piece by @FTLex showing that the brilliant @elonmusk has in a few short months managed to reduce Twitter’s value to <0

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Govt has applied to join a trade block in the Pacific. Listen 🎧 to why I think 🇬🇧 people should decide 👇

If you agree the 🇬🇧 public should be asked in a referendum before we join any new trade blocks, then please sign and share my petition 👉petition.parliament.uk/petitio

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The red line is when Republicans ended the national assault weapons ban.

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Let's not forget that ALMA is sharing the honours for exciting discoveries in the JWST era... amazing work!

Channel maps at z = 8.3 !!

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Today the Labour Party leader has trampled on the democratic rights of party members and insulted the tens of 1000s of Islington North residents who have elected and re-elected @jeremycorbyn over nearly 40 years because he’s a brilliant, hardworking, honourable MP.

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It is a foregone conclusion that @jeremycorbyn will vote against @SuellaBraverman's racist in the @HouseofCommons tonight and that @Keir_Starmer will abstain.
is an anti-racist.
wants the racist vote.

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Preventative Compound That Prevents C. diff Infection Identified

Researchers have identified a compound that prevents gastrointestinal infections from multiple strains of Chlostridiodes difficile (C. diff). Learn more: ow.ly/CM9s50NsP2N

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The fundamental mindset of Chinese tech companies is still driven by short-term profit, and they have always looked to the state to sponsor technological leaps. buff.ly/3LPoqeb

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I often quote Golda Meir when people ask me about peace negotiations with Russia. Inter alia, she was born in Kyiv

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Council sells village, new private landlord raises rent by 60%.

Got to love privatisation.

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Richard Meddings in charge of risk management at Credit Suisse is also Chair of NHS England

Government appointed by Sajid Javid

He suggested reducing Drs training this week🤔

NHS England is failing the & in particular GPs

We expect & need more

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"From gifts, dinners and trips abroad to donations from the super rich & second jobs from big businesses. This web of influence is aimed to do one thing, to get this house to work for the wealthy few and not the people we're elected to serve"

Spot on, @zarahsultana

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We couldn’t agree with this more

RT if you do too

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A quantum internet could revolutionize communications. In a step toward this future, research from @LosAlamosNatLab advances the design and construction of two-dimensional quantum light emitters for communications applications: energy.gov/science/ascr/articl

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Richard Feynman's Lectures on Physics are timeless: their main strength is in demonstrating how to reason about physics. You may not know all the lectures are completely online:

Volume 1: feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/I_
Volume 2: feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/II
Volume 3: feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/II

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