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If you're protesting the :


📲SAVE these legal advice bustcards

📡SHARE with other protesters

🖊️WRITE phone numbers on your arm

🦺FIND Legal Observers for assistance

🤫"NO COMMENT" without lawyer

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UK PM Sunak's Conservatives rejected by voters at local elections reut.rs/3LYrAf7

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And a reminder that the baseline of Covid infections now always sits at one MILLION. Out of 67 million people in the Uk 😵‍💫Over 3 years into this. How many are being reinfected?
ZOE app is now all we have to know the prevalence. And some wastewater info.

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@Haggis_UK As John Smith said, thirty years ago.

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It is a 'Labour smear campaign' but this is the Telegraph and this is 2023 UK

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Stephen Flynn of the SNP asking Sunak about Starmer dumping his promise to abolish tuition fees

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Police officers like this are the reason why so many Black men and women fear police encounters. 👏🏾 to this mom for standing up for her teen son and making sure this situation didn’t escalate any further.

🎥: TikTok/policebibin

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Interesting notice in the waiting room at the dental surgery attended by my daughter.

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If it is thought that the release of certain news might inform people’s decision as to how to vote in an election, should that news be withheld?

Should voters not be enabled to make an informed decision on Thursday?

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Wow. That’s a powerful piece.

@JohnLauner on ageing, the NHS and the fear that the safety net now has too many holes in it to give us the reassurance we all need when it comes to our health and care.

A generation betrayed. So so sad.

In this week’s @bmj_latest.

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This is a much smaller sponge than you may be used to. Made of polylactic acid and doped with titanium dioxide , these microsponges clean wastewater using just UV light and oxygen: fal.cn/3xRFt

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For Shang-Hua Teng, games like Go show how losing a battle can help win a war. “When you play a sum of games, it really means: How do you lose strategically?” quantamagazine.org/the-compute

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First Alzheimer's Disease Approach Lowers Tau Levels in Humans

Clinical trial results show promise for a new therapy for that lowers levels of the tau protein known to cause the disease. Learn more: ow.ly/Xv5L50NU7AE

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Great reporting on the resignation of the Chair of the BBC on grounds of two major conflicts of interest—this implicates Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Oliver Dowden & others in govt; when will this lying & govt sleaze stop?

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Pushing around these little robot soccer players, from DeepMind’s “Learning Agile Soccer Skills for a Bipedal Robot with Deep Reinforcement Learning” paper.


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