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"The queue in the British passport queue took an hour. The queue for Europeans took 5 minutes."

"That's racism, pure and simple."😡

Colin from Portsmouth demands a solution be found for the anti-British prejudice shown at airport security.

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What are these agreements the UK's extremist home secretary is signing with the Saudi mafia state, as reported in the Saudi press? The UK media couldn't give a damn - they follow the state.

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United Utilities: 425,000 hrs
South West: 290,000 hrs
Sev Trent: 249,000 hrs
Yorkshire: 232,000 hrs
Southern: 147,000 hrs
Wessex: 130,000 hrs
Northumbrian: 108,000 hrs
Anglian: 90,000 hrs
Thames: 75,000 hrs

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It sounds like a bad April Fool's Day joke, but tomorrow, April 1, Russia will take over the one-month rotating presidency of the U.N. Security Council, which is meant to uphold the international peace and security that Putin has pulverized in Ukraine. theguardian.com/world/2023/mar

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First the Russian government creates a global food crisis with Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Now it offers food to a rogue but hungry nation like North Korea in return for arms to keep up its killing of civilians in Ukraine. theguardian.com/world/2023/mar

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Russia taking the USSR's place as a permanent member of the UN Security Council was a dubious concession now rewarded Putin's mafia state, waging a genocidal war, about to take the SC presidency. Say no. time.com/6266543/veto-putin-ta

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The Government are desperately trying to shut down this story. Well done the Yorkshire Post. Please retweet this, it’s a national disgrace

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‘Mutual free movement’ for UK and EU citizens supported by 84% of Brits, in stunning new poll:
Omnisis poll suggests opposition to free movement was based on lack of awareness and the UK government failing to enforce the rules yorkshirebylines.co.uk/news/br

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These are perfection. Thank you to ‘Wankers of the World’ on FB.

‘Tories without the privilege. Being born in the right place at the right time has nothing to do with hard work. All created by Wankers of the World using AI.’

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@lukeharding1968 @dansabbagh @PaulLewis Documents leaked from Vulkan cybersecurity firm also raise questions about role of IT engineers behind information-control project, analysis by @AndreiSoldatov

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NEW: A massive new leak shows how Russian company Vulkan has helped FSB, GRU & SVR in cyber warfare — through hacking, disinformation, surveillance and control of sections of the internet.

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Alexandra Skochilenko, an artist in Russia, faces 10 years in prison for peacefully protesting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sign up to text alerts from Amnesty International UK and help protect people when their human rights are under threat.


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Recycled pledges. Reheated ideas. Costly, slow & unproven technologies. None of the onshore wind, rooftop solar & proper home insulation that we desperately need to meet emissions reduction targets. Govt’s strategy needs another rewrite.

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Is it right to see two Conservative MPs on GB News interviewing Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, which was then advertised by the HM Treasury Ofcom?

None of this is apparently an issue with Ofcom chair Dame Melanie Dawes, because GB News is not a news programme

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Today is GPT-4's 2-week anniversary.

Here are the top 20 most incredible things created by GPT-4 already:

(history unraveling before our very eyes)

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What’s so horrifying about the Tories thinking up ever more inhumane ways to detain and deport people… is the obsession with cruelty… the need for it… eager malice towards the world’s most vulnerable people. For votes. It’s repulsive. Just process the claims you ghouls.

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This harridan of a woman is an absolute disgrace. I can’t believe what I’ve just watched. twitter.com/GeraintDaviesMP/st

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“The ‘friendlies’ of Fleet Street... news organisations most willing to suspend their critical faculties when covering Government policy & given first access to briefings... In recent weeks, that required spin has been more than delivered” @AdamBienkov 🔥


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