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Forensic piece by @FTLex showing that the brilliant @elonmusk has in a few short months managed to reduce Twitter’s value to <0

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Jeremy Corbyn has officially been blocked from standing as a Labour candidate in the next election by the NEC.

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Therese Coffey is unfit for a Ministerial post. She can't string two words together. Inside her head, a single brain cell is crying softly because it's all alone....

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This looks brilliant!

The @BBC has commissioned new drama 'The Way', written by James Graham (Sherwood, Quiz), directed by Michael Sheen (Good Omens, Staged), & co-created by Sheen, Graham & Adam Curtis (The Power Of Nightmares, HyperNormalisation).

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Scientists have developed a biomaterial which mimics skin, right down to blood under the surface, to make studies on mosquito feeding easier to run.

Read the study in @FrontBioeng: or our news story ⬇

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Govt has applied to join a trade block in the Pacific. Listen 🎧 to why I think 🇬🇧 people should decide 👇

If you agree the 🇬🇧 public should be asked in a referendum before we join any new trade blocks, then please sign and share my petition 👉

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The red line is when Republicans ended the national assault weapons ban.

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Let's not forget that ALMA is sharing the honours for exciting discoveries in the JWST era... amazing work!

Channel maps at z = 8.3 !!

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Inflation targets have left central banks in a bind

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Borderline personality disorder has historically been difficult to treat. That may be because we've thought of it as just one thing, while new research argues that the reality is more complex, writes @GrantHBrennerMD

The exposure of hundreds of millions of email addresses puts pseudonymous users of the social network at risk. (From 2022)

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Apple Issues Urgent Security Update for Older iOS and iPadOS Models

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Today the Labour Party leader has trampled on the democratic rights of party members and insulted the tens of 1000s of Islington North residents who have elected and re-elected @jeremycorbyn over nearly 40 years because he’s a brilliant, hardworking, honourable MP.

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It is a foregone conclusion that @jeremycorbyn will vote against @SuellaBraverman's racist in the @HouseofCommons tonight and that @Keir_Starmer will abstain.
is an anti-racist.
wants the racist vote.

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“Did I make mistakes, of course, everybody does… one of which was to trust people who turned out to be deeply untrustworthy”

- Jeremy Corbyn

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