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🌎 The most dangerous place to be a journalist is not an active war zone, but Latin America.

@risj_oxford speaks to journalists and press freedom advocates across the region on the threats they face and the growing dangers to democracy. ⬇️

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Powerful & important message.

Applying Fordist principles to medicine, other forms of care, and all our public services is working out very badly.

"Efficiency" & "productivity" are anti-basic humanity. As I said to gasps of shock in debate

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US Senator Wicker Demands U.S. Confront Swiss Government Over Plans to Return Millions of Frozen Funds to Russian Crooks Who Were Sanctioned Under Magnitsky Act

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JWST confirmed its first needle in a cosmic haystack - the rocky exoplanet. @LustigYaeger, one of the leads on the team that confirmed the new world, joins us to discuss the groundbreaking discovery. This week on @PlanRad 🎙️

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FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson said she would have fined GoodRx a higher penalty for leaking sensitive health information. Read:

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During the pandemic, covid contracts minister Lord Bethell let Lord Feldman assist him unpaid. Feldman was MD of a lobbying firm called Tulchan, one of whose clients, Bunzl Healthcare, was later handed a £22.6m no-bid covid contract. When's the inquiry?

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You know who didn't have the right to strike?

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Interested in priorities for developing the fusion industry in the UK?

Join @WEETFEvents, tomorrow, to discuss this w/ speakers, including @beisgovuk, @UKAEAofficial (Prof. Sir Ian Chapman), @TokamakEnergy, @AssystemUK, & @BurgesSalmon!

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We are being cooked , choked and taken to the cleaners . . . if we ever become anyone’s ancestors they will ask ‘what the hell were those mugs doing ? They stood by and let them burn the world’ . . . Shell reports highest profits in 115 years

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“I feel ashamed that I bought into the narrative about Jeremy Corbyn. I should have been a lot more careful and scrupulous about some of my journalism. Others could make the same assessment"

@OborneTweets on the Labour Files:

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Shell made over £32bn in profits in 2022 - highest in its history.

In reaction, @RMTunion's Mick Lynch: "Profits and dividends on this scale when millions of people cannot heat or eat a square meal in their homes demonstrates the remorseless and unjust nature of this industry."

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Welcome to Tory Britain.
"One agent claimed single mothers were their most common customers, adding: “If every single mum that starts getting a bit teary you’re going to walk away from, you won’t be earning any bonus.”

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To the ‘it doesn’t matter if NHS care is provided by the private sector’ brigade, please take a look at this observational study published in The Lancet🚨

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Britain in 2023:

Bailiffs sent by energy companies forcing their way into people's homes.

Fossil fuel companies raking in record profits.

And a Conservative government unwilling to act.

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