@ceoln woah did you get it to produce a whole comic directly or this stitched together?

@neurolili It produced the whole page there, as a single image. Isn't that fun? There was a bit of a workflow involved in this specific one, but just putting "comic strip" into an MJ v4 prompt is likely to produce something in the same general area.

When it's not NaNoWriMo anymore, I have a personal challenge that I want to get back to, to make like six more or less consistent pages like this, load them up into GIMP and replace / add the appropriate titles and balloons, and make an at least semi-coherent story from them. :D

@ceoln that's cool, I look forward to seeing it! It's amazing to me that you can get it to produce sequential art at all, although this one is only somewhat coherent...

@neurolili Yeah, so far they are always "only somewhat coherent" :) although it may be that a sufficiently clever prompt could produce more coherent ones.

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