Well, okay, I joined . I am not excited about it so far, though, and I guess it's mostly just because the first thing I want to do is enter a whole bunch of books I've read, but it seems to insist that I GIVE IT THE DATE THAT I FINISHED for every book.

I don't remember! Why should I have to remember? Or alternately why should I have to lie?


I do like the little images I made for an avatar, though... :)

Ty! :) I made them in , so depending on your thoughts about AI art tools...


Ha, I envy you a bit for having missed all the discourse! :)

is one of these (the best one imho) new tools where you enter some text and set some switches and things, and it makes images for you. I've made several thousand by now. XD

It's great for those with no artistic skills to be able to create stuff anyway, but there are questions around the impact it will have on working artists, especially given that the AIs are trained by being shown lots and lots of existing human art.

@ceoln Oh, that’s really interesting. I’m not creative at all. I am a good sketcher, I just have to be sketching what’s right in front of me. I’ll have to try it out! But my daughter is a digital artist who hand draws all her art. I’m curious about what her thoughts would be on the matter.

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