I prepared what must be one of the most evil Call of Cthulhu scenarios, and not gonna lie I feel sorry for them.

What are the chances: I decide to eat in a local restaurant today, and there's only one other group of people. And they are talking about hydrological processes in my town. Then went over to talk about open source software. I was getting excited and thought about if and how to join in, when he suddenly started to praise web3 and block chain tech. Hell no.

Got to admit I'm having a hard time curating a feed on Mastodon, or rather, finding the time and muse to curate a feed.

I was always the guy who never had music play lists, or paid for music streaming services like Spotify or Deezer. Looking up music, picking it out, adding them to play lists, creating multiple ones... All that just couldn't keep up with "I'm going to enter what I want in that very moment into the YouTube search bar". Creating a feed on Mastodon feels the same, head space wise.

I'd have to look up specific has tags because I can't just enter random terms in the search, and hope the other person actually used hashtags. There is no algorithm that would help me find content once I got around to find a few artists and scientists and the likes. So that falls entirely to the user, which has its positives, but causes me to feel the same way about it than the music playlist.

I also don't feel like posting a lot here - I consciously joined a STEM server because I love to read about all that science stuff. But looking at my Twitter feed, I barely post about them myself. Should I have multiple Mastodon accounts, one for searching, one for posting, and sync them? I'm a bit lost. And rather feel like creating a music playlist.

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Any other millennials who still have to sometimes write ideas on pen and paper rather than word processing to physically get them out of your head ? Wrote a good 600 words to day by hand because nothing was happening in my brain when typing.

Okay, first toot.

I'm a spatial data scientist who will hopefully receive his master's degree in early 2023.

I was obsessed with Palaeontology throughout my youth, though I loved pretty much everything revolving around natural and technical sciences, then switched over to Geology when that was the only option to even get in contact with Palaeontology in Germany. Had to drop out though because I failed my math exams.

Switched over to another college studying Geomatics and fell into love with the handling of spatial data, and took a personal liking to old and ancient maps.

After receiving my Bachelor's I had a hard time finding a job, so I worked a brief time as a surveyor.

I was looking for a job when Covid struck, making things a lot more difficult, so I decided screw this, back to university, hence starting my master's program. Joined an IT company through my friend and stuck with the awesome people here throughout the past year, and I hope I will be able to continue to do so once I'm finished.

In my free time I love to read, play video games, host ttrpg sessions, and cook. I also teach self defense classes and host self defense and violence prevention courses at schools and offices.

Currently trying to turn my life around, and stop trying to romanticise eidetic memorization of stuff and turn it into something of a success story for my life, while trying to hold my impostor syndrome, self-doubt, and dread of having missed out in life because of it in bay.

With the stress of my thesis and life choices looming above me, expect a lot of confused screaming on my end ✌️

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