One thing I really miss from twitter is the translate link. I was following quite a few people who were not tweeting in English and it opened up some horizons.
I'm sure automated translation is being discussed on mastodon. Any idea what the status is?

A few things going on with this one that might not be obvious.
I'm controlling it with a headset that tracks my head and eye movement. It also has cameras in the eyeballs, streaming a stereo feed back to the headset. Where I look, it looks.

Another stewart platform for the mount - they're great for getting fluid and responsive motion out of cheap servos.

Let's try this .  Hi, I'm Cleo, a pseudo I've been using since the early 90s. Unix/ dev since before Jurassic Park "it's a unix system! I know this!" Nowadays I am working in for a US company while I am remote in .   is my favourite platform. Outside of work I enjoy , , being a , playing with . is my language, as well as .

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