Which year saw the most deaths from Covid in Canada?

Wear the best mask available
The best mask is an N95

Well, people following me here know what is going on.

Deaths per million in Canada:
2020: 409
2021: 379
2022: 492

Canada has a population of about 38 million, so this translates into 18,700 deaths from Covid in Canada in 2022.

For 2023, as far as we know for now, suggests a similar death rate this year.

IHME predicts that 80% mask use in public spaces (ie, a mask mandate) would reduce deaths by two-thirds within 2 months. That's 12,500 preventable deaths in Canada, over the course of a year. Much more in larger countries or countries with higher current death rates.

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Actually the most effective respirator at a reasonable price is an elastomeric N100 or P100.

95 - >95% efficient at .3u
99 - >99% efficient at .3u
100 - >99.97% efficient at .3u

N = not oil resistant
R = somewhat oil resistant
P = oil resistant

@Pat We don't promote those over N95s because in the community people are wearing and without fit testing, where we have data to show results in >90% fitted filtration efficiency in most.

AFAIK, not known if we get additional gains from N99 or elastomerics without fit testing - let me know if you have a reference on this.

For others reading this, the numbers @Pat is quoting are for the masks tested on a machine, glued to a plate around the edges. Fit testing N95s on people in occupational health and safety protocols require >99% protection as fitted filtration efficiency (ie, fit factor >=100). A large proportion of people will achieve this, particularly with novel designs of like Vitacore's CaN99 and the 3M Aura. Average filtration not-fit-tested is usually reported >90% in lab studies. Studies summarized at

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