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➡️ The best mask is an N95, but all masks work

➡️ Double masking or overmasking

➡️ FAQs are:

❓ Does it make a difference?

❓ Which mask should go on top, the cloth mask or the medical mask?

❓ What about two cloth masks?

❓ Or two medical masks?

➡️ Answers at updated page:




The most efficient respirator is an N100 or P100 elastomeric, not N95.

Generally, you should not wear anything over a FFP N95 because it can distort the shape of the mask and allow air to leak in around the mask.

If you are in a setting where you need to protect against splashed liquids as well as from airborne particles, then consider wearing a face shield, or wear a medical N95 that is resistant to body fluid splashes.

If you are trying to protect against current variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you should wear an N100 or P100, especially if you are in an enclosed space with someone who is symptomatic, because an N95 may not filter out enough of the virus particles to prevent infection.


Hi @Pat, you and I discussed this before. I'm posting about a community setting. Without fit testing, I wouldn't recommend a N100 over an N95.

To be totally literal, the best mask is a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) and a hazmat suit. But that isn't a very useful or practical recommendation. Thanks for following and for your comments.


>"Without fit testing, I wouldn't recommend a N100 over an N95."

Many elastomerics have special valves for closing the the inlets during a seal check. If someone knows how to do that (which is very easy to learn), then those respirators can provide a much better seal and more efficiency than an N95 FFP.

>"Thanks for following and for your comments."

Thank you for the discussions...

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