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Hi everyone! and faculty member at IU. Originally from . Spend a lot of time watching the weather. Recently gotten more into (just bought a 486, first time since a teenager). Try to vacation in Ireland & UK every summer (header photo is the Antrim Coast), love country walks there. I remember the BCS era of college football, and run my own computer ratings.

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You know how your dogs look at you when they're peeing/pooping? They're making sure you got their back.

See, unlike us, if a lion or.. velociraptors attack, they just can't pinch it off and run like we can.

They're vulnerable. Defenseless. They're looking at you to make sure you got their six.

So next time your dog is doing their biz... put your phone down. Scan the horizon for threats (laser raptors, coyotes, Jordan Peterson). Be a pet bro.

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2063 Mars (Muskbase Alpha)


Verified colonists are limited to 6000 breaths a day.

Unverified colonists are limited to 600 breaths a day.

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BTW this is why it was stupid for all those government / emergency services accounts to resume posting on Twitter. Absolutely unreliable in critical situations

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Calendar shadow: n. The block of free time immediately preceding a scheduled calendar item, which is nonetheless completely useless for any form of productivity whatsoever.

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@freemo You forgot the best part!


Supply it with an area for local conditions. In my case, I use an airport code.

Screenshot from MacOS.

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A little gutted to hear that President Carter is in the end game of his time on earth. Very few humans are as good people as Jimmy Carter. Compassionate and a man of action.

It’s not widely known but during the world’s first nuclear accident, a partial meltdown at Canada’s Chalk River reactor, as a USNavy lieutenant, he descended into the reactor as part of the team shutting down the reactor. He had radioactive urine for weeks.

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Another dramatic look at tiny asteroid #Sar2667 burning up near northern France, just minutes ago.
RT @Faytuks
Footage from France showing the meteor burning up

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This is how much the tectonic plates shifted during the Turkey earthquake, the entire road moved. This photo was taken by Prof. Hasan Sozbilir leader of the ATAG research group currently mapping the surface ruptures. #TurkeySyriaEarthquake #TectonicPlates

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Codebreakers deciphered century-old letters stored for centuries in French archives and discover they were written of Mary, Queen of Scots. It turns out she was "well-trained in the art of cipher by her mother, Marie de Guise, from a very young age."

My Ars colleague @jenlucpiquant spins a fascinating tale that nicely blends #history and #cryptology.

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Zelensky's flew in to DC this morning to meet with Biden, then addressing Congress this evening.

Never mind his ability to hold off a Russian invasion, I'm impressed by his ability to function immediately after a transatlantic flight.

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Lots of talk about the potential for a major Ohio Valley and Northeast snowstorm next week. While the track and snow impacts are still up in the air, it's certainly going to be very windy and then cold for a while after that.


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Is there something like a directory of government agencies, US/state lawmakers, world leaders on Mastodon?

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Seems like a big deal that @Techmeme is now featuring Mastodons prominently.

Also a good way to find other journalists on here.

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, @markstos ! Glad to be here.

Mark Stosberg  
I live in #BloomingtonIN and my formerly best source of #tornado information was to search for "Bloomington tornado" on the bird site. That always...
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Time ago, the now scary bird site, was useful for science, knowledge building, hazard communication, etc...

We wrote a paper on that: Rapid collaborative knowledge building via Twitter after significant geohazard events.

One of the final exam questions in my intro class this semester related to the big Gatlinburg fire in 2016. A home weather station that kept reporting right up until it melted away gave this final report.

- Calculate the dewpoint right before failure.
- Draw a surface station model (like it would appear on a weather map).

"Take a look around you, Ellen. We're at the threshold of hell."

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Ironically, the Great Banning is the first time that Mastodon has felt like it's fulfilling the role for me that Twitter once did—a place to keep up-to-date on a fast-moving event, where everyone is talking about the same thing

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