"Clear communication is difficult... I am only sometimes good at it, but a major piece of what makes me sometimes good at it is described below in concrete and straightforward terms."

"Ruling Out Everything Else" by Duncan_Sabien on Less Wrong


Highlights of: "Ruling Out Everything Else"

TL;DR Something said could mean BOTH or more than one thing...

so if arguing about X =X then this is often wrong between humans who value or think of things as [X=X and a bit of Y and Z to me] and it can change instantly according to further discussion / argument like [X=Y now that I heard a bit more and agree with your points of view / interpretation]

like you would attached sentiment attributes to something or have a variety of situational interpretations about a happening etc - and that is multiple meaning multiplied by how many people there are!!

Excerpt from page:

Blake: "No, X just means X!"

Cameron: "It means both....

The above shows the flaw of (human interpretation or situational application (of numbers and words especially) where I can say a number or word and may mean MULTIPLE MEANINGS OF WHAT IT REPRESENTS.....


Now maybe you don't care what it means to me and maybe I don't care what it means to you, but IF I'm AN AUTHORITY around here then you will understand how important / unfair these multiple meanings are and how harmful it can be !

(deliberate misuse / being ambiguous to introduce manipulation / swindling / scamming / victimising others without explicitly saying)

End of multiple meanings lesson!

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