Does anybody know the name of this type of usb connector? (Not the HDMI)

@comphys cameras often have unique, modified ones. Then you need a (potentially expensive) cable.

@marwe Ah, it's my wife's and I've never bought a camera so i had no idea the ports wouldn't be standard :') Thanks for the info.

@comphys I am assuming it's not a common micro USB connector, like typically used in cell phones, right? Sometimes cameras have odd, proprietary connectors, requiring their own OEM cable.

@design_RG afraid not, I've had the whole cable drawer out!

@comphys Zoomed into it, som we get a close look - I think it's a proprietary connector. Samsung has some of those.

What's the camera brand?

@design_RG Casio, ZR1000, the docs just say "USB AV"... I've found some eBay items which say the same thing as you .

@comphys Search using the brand and exact model name and number then.

I would suggest looking at AliExpress, it will cost a lot less there.

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