Watch "Can Mathematically Darkened Colors look Good? Least Squares method " on YouTube
Watch "The Sound of Your GPA Slipping Away" on YouTube

The study of the mind needs a Copernican shift in perspective | Aeon Essays
One of the Most Egregious Ripoffs in the History of Science - Issue 107: The Edge - Nautilus
Micro snail species discovered in Meghalaya’s Mawsmai cave
Anti-Ness Terminology Sucks – Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity
Neuroscientists see how practice really does make perfect

US surgeons successfully test pig kidney transplant in human patient | World News,The Indian Express
The procedure done at NYU Langone Health in New York City involved use of a pig whose genes had been altered so that its tissues no longer contained a molecule known to trigger almost immediate rejection.

Physics - Close Passes Give Atoms Tiny Quantum Kicks

The Man from the Future by Ananyo Bhattacharya review — did John von Neumann achieve more than Einstein? | Culture | The Sunday Times
Von Neumann created the first digital programmable computer, designed the atom bomb, conjured up game theory, foreshadowed the birth of AI and lots more. Yet he is largely forgotten by the public. Why?

A Physicist Quantified The Amount of Information in The Entire Observable Universe
Facts on India's space research and list of space research centres in India - Education Today News
With no Solid Surface, the Atmosphere of Jupiter Behaves Quite Differently Than Earth | Universe Today
Synthetic biology moves into the realm of the unnatural
How Earth looks like from Moon's South Pole | Watch - SCIENCE News
These weird virtual creatures mutate their bodies to solve problems
Watch "Dirac's belt trick, Topology, and Spin ½ particles" on YouTube

Wild New Paper Claims Earth May Be Surrounded by a Giant Magnetic Tunnel
Monitoring glucose levels, no needles required
How the Brain Deals With Uncertainty - Neuroscience News
Treating the Schrödinger equation as an ordinary differential equation - Physics Stack Exchange
Can a giant thruster on the South Pole change Earth's orbit? - Big Think
Earth Tipped on Its Side 84 Million Years Ago, New Evidence Suggests
A science teacher explains: How is sleep related to memory? | Parenting News,The Indian Express
‘Impossible’ Particle Adds a Piece to the Strong Force Puzzle | WIRED
Physicists Measure Neutron Lifetime with Unprecedented Precision |
Scientists Solve an Evolutionary Curiosity: Why a Human Egg Is 10 Million Times the Volume of a Sperm Cell – SciTechDaily

How Did Whales Get So Big?
Optical Engineer Rik ter Horst shows us how he makes very small telescopes (at home) which are intended for use in micro-satellites.
Do you understand this viral (very good) math movie clip?
This Astronomer Is Determined to Find Another Earth
Could pi be different in another universe? | How randomness defines our reality

Carbon nanotube - Wikipedia
The shortest carbon nanotube can be considered to be the organic compound cycloparaphenylene, which was synthesized in 2008 by Ramesh Jasti.[21] Other small molecule carbon nanotubes have been synthesized since.[22]

Cycloparaphenylene - Wikipedia
In 1934 by V. C. Parekh and P. C. Guha described the first published attempt to synthesize a cycloparaphenylene, specifically [2]CPP. They connected two aromatic rings with a sulfide bridge, and hoped that removal of the latter would yield the desired compound. However, the attempt failed as the compound would have been far too strained to exist under anything but extreme conditions.[3]

New, non-invasive blood sugar testing methods using saliva
Gao's prototype saliva sensor uses copper nanomaterials which are anchored on a base strip made of graphene sheet. Graphene is an inexpensive carbon material that generally does not react with other compounds. "Graphene strips are thin and flexible just like paper, so you can deposit the materials on the top and it's still flexible," says Gao. "It's a promising substrate in biosensors."

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Differentiation Practice Megathread

This is a set of extra differentiation practice exercises I offer to my students each term. Feel free to discuss and even your own attempts at answers.

For an extra fun challenge, look at item 100 :slashersmile:.

A Big Bet on Nanotechnology Has Paid Off - Scientific American
New nanostructure could be the key to quantum electronics
Eat these 5 foods to sharpen your brain health, memory and focus, says Harvard nutritionist
How Wavelets Allow Researchers to Transform — and Understand — Data | Quanta Magazine
Enjoy It While You Can: Dropping Oxygen Will Eventually Suffocate Most Life on Earth
Caltech Science Exchange: How Do Scientists Explain Quantum Entanglement?

WHAT IS LIFE - DNA and Dublin Schrodinger James Watson, francis Crick, Maurice Wilkinson, Rosalind Franklin, Charles Jencks
Schrödinger, in war-isolated Dublin, did not know that excellent evidence that DNA was the genetic material had been produced by Oswald Avery and colleagues in New York. He argued from first principles that genes had to contain information, and they had to replicate. His idea of the aperiodic crystal is realised in the form of the DNA molecule. Watson and Crick sent a copy of their paper describing the Double Helix to Schrödinger in 1953 saying how they had been influenced by him.

Watch | Mangalyaan: 7 years in orbit - The Hindu
The indigenously made , is the only artificial satellite that could image the full disc of Mars in one view frame, and also image, the far side of Deimos, the outer and smaller of Mars’s two moons.

5 Hot Weather Tips that Could Save an Older Adult’s Life
Heat-related health dangers for older adults soar during the summer | National Institutes of Health (NIH)
As we age, our ability to adequately respond to summer heat can become a serious problem. Older people are at significant increased risk of heat-related illnesses, known collectively as hyperthermia, during the summer months. ... Age-related changes to the skin such as poor blood circulation and inefficient sweat glands. 27-Jun-2018

Watch "See How Termites Inspired a Building That Can Cool Itself | Decoder" on YouTube

Watch "MOSFET – The Most significant invention of the 20th Century" on YouTube

Protecting India’s natural laboratories - The Hindu
Teaching Ancient Brains New Tricks: Study Shows How Modern Physicists Think - Neuroscience News
Sleep Loss Does Not Impact Ability to Assess Emotional Information - Neuroscience News

How digging up the past helps us understand the present
Wildlife Conservation on Ice: Frozen Zoos To Save Animals
Turkey's 8,000-year-old site to show daily life of ancient farmers | Daily Sabah
New Dates Reveal India’s Youngest Acheulean Tools - Archaeology Magazine
Silicon solar cell developed in Turkey offers cheaper solution | Daily Sabah
A magnetic patch on a twitchy arm makes a useful current

The faster-than-fast Fourier transform
“In nature, most of the normal signals are sparse,” says Dina Katabi, one of the developers of the new algorithm. Consider, for instance, a recording of a piece of chamber music: The composite signal consists of only a few instruments each playing only one note at a time. A recording, on the other hand, of all possible instruments each playing all possible notes at once wouldn’t be sparse — but neither would it be a signal that anyone cares about.

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