We're thrilled to present you our latest special issue on the scientific reform movement!

In response to the replication crisis and fraud cases in the behavioral and social sciences, a reform movement has arisen that pleads for a different culture and new practices.

But despite clear benefits, the effects of these practices are unclear. With this special issue, we aim to critically reflect on the reform movement and its practices, in order to further improve science.


Sources: Alphabet and Meta are in talks with Hollywood studios about licensing content for use in AI video generation tools; Disney and Netflix aren't willing (Lucas Shaw/Bloomberg)


'We successfully extracted millions of features from the middle layer of Claude 3.0 Sonnet, (a member of our current, state-of-the-art model family, currently available on claude.ai), providing a rough conceptual map of its internal states halfway through its computation. This is the first ever detailed look inside a modern, production-grade large language model.'

'More than three quarters of all CUNY students are people of color; 60 percent of undergraduates are first-generation college students. Study after study has demonstrated that CUNY is what a 2020 Brookings Institution report calls an “opportunity engine.”


'The loss of grants can also take a toll on trainee researchers’ careers. Wei Yang Tham, an economist at the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, and his colleagues compared data from a group of NIH grants with data from the US census and tax records to look at what effect lapses in funding had on people working in labs with a single grant (see go.nature.com/4br9fli). After a grant ran out, personnel in these labs were 40% more likely than others to disappear from the tax records, he found, meaning that they probably became unemployed. A lot of those people, many of whom had gone to the United States to study, end up leaving the country, Tham says. The largest effects are not on the faculty members, but on postdocs, graduate students and non-research staff such as project managers.'


'Despite this idealism, for its first sixty years the Free Academy (which changed its name to the College of the City of New York in 1866) derived its curriculum from West Point, where its first two presidents had been educated. As the historian Conor Tomás Reed argues in his recent book, New York Liberation School: Study and Movement for the People’s University, what transformed the college was the migration of Eastern European Jews to New York City in the early years of the twentieth century. Columbia—founded in 1754 as an Anglican institution and retaining its ties to the city’s WASP elite into the twentieth century—limited the number of Jewish students, designing its admissions policies to exclude them (and, some historians suggest, encouraging applicants to go to City College instead). NYU was expensive; academically talented poor and working-class Jewish students went to City College at no cost.'


'The preliminary findings suggest that most participating students were using GenAI tools for task completion and to improve their productivity. Students relied on technology most frequently with the intention of ‘speeding up’ the learning journey. For instance, by using chatbots for summarising required readings or troubleshooting coding errors in programming-heavy courses.'


Spiking neural network community. We are thinking of holding the annual SNUFA workshop on Nov 5-6 or 12-13. Preferences? Are there any clashes we should know about? #SpikingNeuralNetworks #Neuroscience #ComputationalNeuroscience

Dengue NS1 interaction with lipids alters its pathogenic effects on monocyte derived macrophages medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

This is something I am deeply worried about too; throughout #Gaza but again this morning, with Israel’s horrendous bombing of a refugee camp just days after ICC put out a warrant against Netanyahu, and again, so far, NOTHING from Biden and co:

that the liberal world order so obviously means nothing, is a sham; that “Might is Right” - always but now so completely clearly so. As Nesrine Malik says, this will have wider repercussions.


"In this study, we found that the gut microbiota actively reshapes the host aa landscape via metabolizing intestinal aa: members of gut microbes efficiently utilize a relatively large proportion of intestinal aa, rendering less for host tissues and organs (GI tract, liver, etc.) to absorb and utilize."

Genome-wide nucleosome and transcription factor responses to genetic perturbations reveal chromatin-mediated mechanisms of transcriptional regulation biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

Rishi #Sunak’s national service pledge is ‘bonkers’, says ex-military chief - theguardian.com/politics/artic "Criticism of proposed scheme comes as another blow to the party’s struggling election campaign" #awkward #GeneralElection

Rule 6: End the course with a project

"Like learning to drive a car, real-world practice is arguably the best way to become proficient. R programming should be a practical, goal-oriented skill, with responsible practices in mind. To reinforce this, you should center the course around a comprehensive project."


China has set up the country’s largest-ever semiconductor investment fund to propel development of the domestic chip industry. japantimes.co.jp/business/2024 #business #china #semiconductors #huawei

'In this review, we provide a conceptual framework of how different organelles are actively positioned in diverse cell types and biological processes. In particular, we focus on our current understanding of the functions, principles, and molecular mechanisms of organelle positioning in both stationary and motile cells.'


Goats gone wild.

“We are all for goats running free, but let’s be clear: These aren’t Heidi’s kid goats,” said Carolina Barnao, a council member in neighboring Lipari, which administers its fellow Aeolian islands. “Some of them could even become dangerous.”


Psilocybin, commonly known as magic mushrooms, has shown promise in treating anorexia in early studies, mostly in rats. But more research is needed to test if it’s safe and effective in humans.

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