I'm very glad to see this paper out! @Phylogenetrips has done amazing work on detecting positive selection taking into account population variation in a phylogenetic framework. #phylogenomics #MolecularEvolution #NaturalSelection biologists.social/@biorxiv_evo

Spatial single-cell mass spectrometry defines zonation of the hepatocyte proteome - Nature Methods nature.com/articles/s41592-023

#proteomics #prot-paper

What you see in this image are the blood vessels of the brain in a one-day old zebrafish. To visualize data such as these, scientists use transgenic reporter lines that light up the blood vessels with specific fluorophores and state-of-the-art light-sheet microscopes.

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What was #ElonMusk’s strategy for #Twitter?

A year after the world's richest man acquired the #SocialMedia platform, a #GamePlan published by a fired #Trump White House staffer provides a clue.

"The three texts were sent on April 4, 2022. In the nearly 18 months since then, many of the decisions #Musk made after he bought Twitter appear to have closely followed that #RoadMap, up to and including his ongoing attacks against the ADL..."

#TwitterTakeover #Antisemitism


“The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the treason of the artist: a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain.” —  Ursula K. Le Guin

From the story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas. #ursulakleguin #quote

⚠ Meta will apparently to move to a "Pay for your Rights" model in the European Union!

EU users would then have to pay $ 168 a year if they don't want to give up their fundamental right to privacy on Facebook and Instagram. This move is inacceptable.


"The aesthetic potential of scientific #data"

"In a world where #innovation thrives at the intersection of disciplines, every #science lab should welcome the presence of an artist."

#research #art via @TheConversationUK


"Notably, infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in mink resulted in adaptive mutations in the virus genome, and viruses with these mink-origin mutations were detected in humans, suggesting mink-to-human transmission of the virus"


PrEP prevents HIV infections, but it's not reaching Black women

A significant number of new HIV infections happen among Black women, and a health education effort in Atlanta wants to make sure Black women can access the HIV-prevention medicines known as PrEP. #press


"Back at the turn of the 21st century, valley fever was an obscure fungal disease in the United States, with fewer than 3,000 reported cases a year, mostly in California and Arizona. Two decades later, cases of valley fever have exploded, increasing roughly sevenfold by 2019."


"Suella Braverman’s latest assertionthat multiculturalism has “failed” proved that when it comes to immigration, we have moved away from dog whistles and back towards the sort of Powellite language that, even decades ago, was considered beyond the pale."


The newly EU-funded MICROBES4CLIMATE brings together 30 partners from across #Europe, including SIB, to look at how #microorganisms can improve the #climateresilience of #plants and #crops.

The aim? To provide researchers with an integrated network of infrastructure to foster #openresearch #data and boost our knowledge on the topic.

More about this endeavour and our expertise in knowledge representation and #environmental #bioinformatics: sib.swiss/news/unlocking-the-p @dessimoz

Twitter/X "will collect information about the location of users and their private messages, which may constitute mass surveillance."

How do we support the Katalin Karikó's?

There's a lot of reasonable outrage today around how Katalin Karikó was treated throughout her career (full disclosure: by my employer, UPenn). Obviously a number of someones made a huge mistake by not recognizing the brilliance and potential of her work - no question there!

What I've been thinking about and I'd love to get some scenius input on: how could we, as an academic community, do better?

Here's one summary of what happened:

Taking seriously the notion that 1) we want to support the Katalin Karikó's but 2) high-risk, high-reward research takes time, here are a few ideas:

*) Better support to help geniuses communicate (and fund) their ideas.
*) More funding for high-risk, high-reward projects
*) A longer evaluation period for individuals engaged in high-risk/high-reward research

What would you add/change?

"Scholars and publishers have our own unique areas of expertise, responsibilities, and experiences of the manifold crises into which higher education is perpetually forced. But at base, scholars’ working conditions are publishers’ working conditions. If we want to change these conditions, we have to begin by recognizing—and working together to find—our common ground. Manufactured austerity; corporatization; competition over supposedly scarce resources; attrition and downsizing; mass PhD production; adjunctification; shrinking enrollments; escalating expectations to publish or perish; and, of course, the ongoing devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the right’s war against academic freedom: these issues affect us all."


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