Prediction: Face computers like Apple's Vision Pro will become a norm -- if not the norm -- for that most mundane but essential of tasks: Office work.

For all Apple's talk of "spatial computing," the discoveries of the early adopter's of Apple's take on them, all point to their primary utility being mundane but -- at the right weight and price point -- subtly transformative:

They'll supplant the many screens we rely on already.

my latest:

Piano: Flowing Tiles

"Interactive Note Display: Experience the thrill of a game-like environment as notes float onto your piano, guiding you through each song.”

I love how it calibrates where your piano keys are positioned without having access to the camera.



With the news that Microsoft will have lots of Office ready on Day 1 for Vision Pro, there are probably lots of other surprises we'll find in the coming days and weeks. If you are an iOS developer and thinking about Vision Pro, or just looking to get the viewpoint of a developer making something for it, it's worth reading Paul Hudson's ( blog post "Shipping a visionOS app for launch". (A hand-driven synthesizer.)

I built a visionOS app, and it's been approved in time for launch on Friday. It's called Spatial Symphony, and it's a synthesizer controlled entirely through hand gestures 🤌 I wrote about building the prototype, attending Apple's labs, and more here:

The first release of Internet Explorer (1995) is closer in time to the Apollo 11 moon landing (1969) than now.

If you missed the livestream of Insanely Great last night, it’s up on the CHM YouTube channel already

I'm delighted to be able to announce that @ismh has started working with me on my apps.

Bringing someone on isn't something I took lightly, but I have recently been really struck by how the way I had viewed being a "true indie" wasn't serving me. Instead, I now have a mindset of “Independent as in Freedom, not Independent as in Alone”, which I think will serve me (and my customers) much better into the future.

All the amazing visionOS apps we've seen are pretty much 1:1 Microsoft's Hololens demos from 2016, but backed by a real OS, SDK and ecosystem. No smoke and mirrors, no 'concepts’, no 'Contoso’. Apple doesn't have to fake it.

Execution is everything.

On this day forty years ago, the Apple “1984” ad ran on television for the first time.

At 1:00 am.

In the sign-off slot before broadcasting ended for the night.

On station KMTV in Twin Falls, ID.

For a total airing cost of $10 (compared to the $80,000 cost of airing it on 1/22/84 during the Super Bowl)

The 1983 premiere qualified it for the 1984 Clio awards. It lost out to Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?”

🥽 Prediction: #VisionPro will REQUIRE an in-store visit—for a time—to give the 1st users/reviewers the best experience.

Some % of owners will have the wrong fit, fail to follow instructions, or simply misunderstand what they’re buying. They may not even know there’s a problem!

Experiences are likely better with a store visit, making a better launch for a new platform.

Then at some point I think they’ll open up to full-remote orders.

#AppleVisionPro #visionOS #AR #VR #SpatialComputing

I remember listening to @lisamelton talk about the determination the early Safari team had in not committing any code that had any performance regressions, no matter how small.

I miss that Apple.

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Exciting news for Firefox users on Android! 📱

Get ready for the debut of open extensions on Firefox for Android on December 14th.

But guess what? You don't have to wait!

Check out this blog post to get a sneak peek today:

DPReview, a site that nearly faced a link rot crisis of its own, is now publishing some really smart analysis on the lacking permanence of the internet era.

Apple Event - We hope to see you on September 12, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. PST

A weird feeling as I’ve dedicated my career to sharing others’ achievements but I’m talking a moment to celebrate myself. I’ve been promoted to Vice President of Developer Community at Microsoft!

When I heard the news I went on a virtual thank you tour, to teachers who supported my curiosity, to bosses who were welcoming…

I'm bad at this but here's a link to my book on how everything -- and I do mean everything -- gets from the factory to our front doors.

We should all be more aware of how this system works. Reporting it was certainly life-changing and worldview-altering for me.

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