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For those of you who are interested in talks I've given, with VisiCalc history as well as my philosophies about technology evolution, I think the fullest online is from the Business of Software conference in 2010. My talk is: (Transcript, etc.:

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and people's relative spending... .Think it's well said to begin with.

Not much I can offer on top of that apart from:

The Gartner hype cycle came to mind. Which is well named :)

Especially the "Hype in new media" which aside from legit hardware advancement hype in the media, shows us you can also "sell anything" in the media given the right presentation with 's / :) These seem like a good example of people "buying into it" and possibly funding near-unuseful crap / non-existent improvements to the next level.

Also hardware like graphics cards that are basically the same board but re-arranged boards and have same (or even less) output are fun to remember now... (remember the box for the card having lightening and animals being the major qualifier to push your parents that you "need" this card!... lol
And if the box was bigger well it was like buying a bigger fish! 🐟 🐉 :lightning_bolt: 🦄 🔥 💾 📀

I think does that to a decent level that it's like the other arm to the of .

@manton @danb I would love to visit museums all of the world without having to travel. How about the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Vietnamese minority tribes)

@danb That's true, live sports might be the closest to a killer app for immersive video. I don't know the technical hurdles, but there was that live stream of The Talk Show last month, so gotta be within reach for sports too.

@manton Manton, I agree that all content can be helpful, but I think certain content, if delivered right, could be "worth it today at this hardware price" to many people. I think real-time/live, spatial sports could be that. Many people readily bought $10,000 HD then 4K now 8K TVs for that. The (unfortunately not real-time) examples Apple shows feel viscerally so general-audience compelling. Court/field-side tickets are $$$ and people buy them. Live sports cable packages sell.

Unfortunately, high-res, real-time streaming may not be generally available yet, and the wrangling over the $ split may take time.

Does anybody know more about this????

Wondering: If someone sends me spam that ends up showing in my email list, will Apple on-device AI incorporate stuff there into what it does? Will it end up in my calendar, or in my phone numbers for other parties? Will this be a type of mal-whatever injection vector? Is this like errors in Wikipedia, etc., affecting LLM responses as definitive statements? How will I know it's being used?

VisionOS2’s ultrawide 8k curved Mac display looks great, but I like all the LITTLE upgrades even more:

—Save Guest User eye/hand setup
—Control Center gesture
—3rd-party mice
—Giant theater screen for NetFlix/YouTube/web video
—Customizable home view
—FaceTime backgrounds
—BT keyboards visible in Environments
—Mirror your iPhone/iPad into Apple Vision Pro
—QuickLook objects locked to surfaces
—Live captions
—Bora Bora beach—looks cool at night!

#wwdc #wwdc24 #applevisionpro #visionpro #apple

Caught up with the legendary @danb at Jonathan Rotenberg and Christopher Whiteman’s wedding yesterday. My claim to fame is that I saw Dan and @BobFrankston demo VisiCalc at a Boston Computer Society in 1979, when it hadn’t yet been released and I was a junior high school student, and was smart enough to be impressed.

Now that it's the next day, I can include that second word in yesterday's NYTimes game: B-School. The inspiration for the VisiCalc spreadsheet came at Harvard Business School, called by many "The B-School" (like Manhattan is called "The City" by some).

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Today's NYTimes game is very close to my heart. In addition to having the word spreadsheet, another group had one that caught my attention. :)

For those of you who are interested in talks I've given, with VisiCalc history as well as my philosophies about technology evolution, I think the fullest online is from the Business of Software conference in 2010. My talk is: (Transcript, etc.:

@danb Gordon Bell was special. I remember him well from the early 80's at Digital. He helped us make ALL-IN-1 the success that it was.

I'm very sad to hear of the passing of Gordon Bell, a giant in the history of computers in the last 60 years. From his leading work at Digital Equipment Corporation to the NSF and Microsoft, he has been an inspiration to us all. He was also, from my experience (our paths crossed many times), an enthusiastic, fun, and warm person. On his Microsoft Research Web Site , he included a photo I took of him on a Segway. Here's a copy. May his memory be a blessing!

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I should add that I have a book about rescuing the Internet coming out this fall. Preorders possible now. 😎

If you're going to post a link that includes no clue as to what it is about -- PLEASE also include some text explaining what it is. Clicking on bare links that give no indication as to what the blazes they are about is really suboptimal. This includes links to other Mastodon posts and many other kinds of sites. Text like "Wow!" or "Interesting!" or similar really aren't that useful in this regard. Thanks!

All of these aurora postings when each successive timezone enters darkness are like watching NOAA following Santa.

Another photo from Newton, MA USA iPhone 15 Pro handheld. Amazing how sharp the stars are.

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Cold Spring Park, Newton, MA USA 10:44pm iPhone 15 Pro.

Note: For those who don't know my full background, I co-founded a company called Slate in the early 1990's that made apps for early "pen computers". I even hold some patents for our work on a spreadsheet with special gestures and handwriting recognition. On the iPad, I personally wrote one of the very early notetaking apps (NoteTakerHD).

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