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This is wild, and yet once again, not a surprise (sigh).
AOL feared the internet too, and tried to shut it down. We know how that played out. as a Digital Zettelkasten for Neologism and Word Collection for Wordnik

A little while ago, one of the followers of my account where I actively mark up my reading with highlights, annotations, and notes asked me why I was tagging seemingly random sentences with "wordnik" and other odd tags that started with "hw-". Today I thought I'd write out the expl

If you're a #tana user who's decided to join @Mastodon, you'll be glad to know it's easy to change @evchapman 's Endless Tweet Generator into an "Endless Toot Generator." Just type "toot" everywhere you see "tweet!" Tana does the rest.

@logseq is introducing "Properties 2.0" with type, range, cardinality and description.

Seeing privileged Westerners complaining about their miniscule issues relating to their reactions to an online dictator in #TwitterMigration, makes me extra mindful of war, climate, and other human refugees who need to physically relocate their homes from one country to another and don't have any support systems at all.

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