Refugees from birdsite missing QT Quote Tweet might reflect on conscious design decisions made in Mastodon core, that could be modified in a specific instance. This means that if a poster REALLY wants QT, he or she has the option to move to an instance where that is supported.

Original 2018 Design Decision at

Pointer from discussion thread from 2000 on Quote Toots

Just because birdsite declares a unitary design approach doesn't mean that Mastodon developers haven't thought about a feature.

> Where retweets carry the veneer of an endorsement, a quote tweet can do so much more—particularly given that Twitter, in its infinite generosity, engineered the format so that the quoted tweet doesn’t count toward the character limit. The result is that you can go long above whatever you don’t like. But it’s often the short tweets that contribute the least.

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A fork of Mastodon is Fedibird, with features more like Twitter.

The lead developer is @noellabo .

The Fedibird site looks to prefer Japanese writers.

If anyone knows of English language Fedibird instances, perhaps we could help others to find them.

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Is it written in Ruby too? I don’t think Mastodon will scale well because of Ruby. In the early days the Birdsite was Ruby and it had major issues with downtime until rewritten in a l coding language that scales better.


Answering my own question, it’s a fork of Mastodon. But behind, hopefully they apply security updates promptly, but probably unlikely.

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