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Most of Xmas shopping done, and a decent amount of wrapping also completed. Which means it's time to unwrap the festive !

Perfectly normal morning news for .
The President-elect goes to meet the incumbent at the official residence. Nothing unusual there, but the journey through the city is typically bonkers.

Milei is in a small convoy of couple of ordinary hatchbacks, accompanied by press paparazzi on motorbikes with their phones attached to the top of thir helmets, and at one point a drone flying through the streets.

In traffic, he jumps out of the car for a moment to shake hands with some kids on a school bus.

At another point, one of the motorbikes dives in front of traffic to cross the avenue ahead of the convoy, and as the horns blare, is reminded by the hosts to be careful.

So frustrating watching the achievements of SpaceX overshadowed by Musk and the rest of the crap he spouts. Sooner he enters late-stage Howard Hughes and lets the grown-ups run the company, the better.

On TN, the cartoon Massa has says "great that everyone's voted today, but of course there's only one choice that guarantees your human rights... and a visit from the Pope".

Yeah, if I have to swipe through 1500 ", legitimate interest" buttons rather than "reject all", I'll not be visiting your website.

This is from an excellent timeline by Andrew Timme ( and shows how the story plays out.
I've highlighted the section from the perspective of the future civilisation where the alogrithm is created.

That gives loads of options for either a limited series like Dark or a prequel movie.

Against a backdrop of catastrophic climate change, a scientist discovers the algorithm and creates the inversion machines. Those in power realise that this might offer a future in an Earth where the climate improves, albeit a a risk of destroying the Earth anyway either through annihilation (which we never see) or grandfather paradoxes.

Then we have a period where the baddies learn to do battle backwards, and start a war to control the machines. The war is mentioned, and there's a vast collection of "detritus" in a dedicated research institute.

Then there's the work to bury the artefacts in the past, which presumably must be multi-generational, and offer lots of scope for interesting interactions.

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Thinking about the history of , I realise we've got a huge archive of data and (hopefully) some interesting comments from the MicroVotes section. This was started in 2003 and remains one of the most active sections, with 1672 votes over the years.

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Mono was started as a student project at in London, then became an internal social network, before being opened up to externals and the wider world.

Makes great use of colour, fast to navigate, read and post, and included it's own ASCII animation language to allow for rich utilities, games and dynamic topic sections.

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Monochrome ( is a which is still active after over 30 years.
Giving it a little boost here to see if there's interest. So if you were a fan of the and the communities that they fostered, have a look.

Opening panel: “Ethics, human rights and social justice in AI”

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Special visitor from the USA again? Chinook flitting between RAF Northolt and Regents Park.

Well I'm off to bed. This has been a much more interesting election day than UK and US , maybe it was the nostalgia of immersing myself and in .ar Spanish again and hearing cute turns of phrase I'd forgotten. "un ratito" or "muchachos".

The "Waldo"-like cartoon candidates were an amusing side piece which I would like to see here. The "Don't Tread On Me" flags... not so much.

Seems unlikely they'll have the scary Gene Hunt as President tomorrow morning, but he's not going away.

Meanwhile Bullrich camp have "Good feelings" about the results.
But it's still the most uncertain election since the return to democracy 40 years ago, a sentiment shown here and voiced by an older citizen earlier in the broadcast.

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Absolutely manic scenes (to UK eyes) as Florez emerges from her house to go vote, and the poll station is closed to everyone else. "We're supposed to be equals" one guy complains. Milei also turns up at his car and is surrounded by reporters.

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Apparently it's National Reuse Day, and what better way to reduce energy consumption by retrofitting buildings. Great little exhibition at The Building Centre, near Goodge St, with some examples of community and individual housing where there's been a dramatic improvement to both efficiency and livability. Better than knocking down and rebuilding.

Taking kiddo to see Arsenal Women this afternoon and listening to Arsecast to prepare.
Image: colourised, 2023.

"Innovative" holographic display at kings cross. Wondering how much energy needed for these spinning led blades.

Passed the RIBA hq and spotted this gallery on , and . Free to public over next few months.

Sad to see that questions asked of the duty of these three practices don't seem to have been adequately answered in the decades since.any of these idealised developments have become slums or derelict. Some revived, others discarded (rightly or wrongly).

A lot of these developments seem similar to ones going up now, and I wonder, what's going to be different in 30 years time?

Stevie Wonder: My music is important to me. Make sure when it's licensed commercially, it has to be appropriate and wholesome.

Agent: Say no more boss.

FFS royal mail, you might want to remind people that non-barcoded stamps are no longer valid. Rather than *just* make people pay to receive their birthday cards. Shitty move.

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