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I don't see a problem here. Suspect the tax-avoidance "advisor" they're interviewing us more worried about his loss of income. But "Petrified" when you can just fuck off to another country for €100,000? Non-doms use our roads, schools, hospitals, benefitting from everyone else's work. So yes, they should pay taxes like everyone else.

Fall of the House of Usher (Netflix) is from Mile Flanagan, who did the amazing Midnight Mass. He has sorted of reinvented horror, which was never one of my favourite genres. I love the dedication to language, in the long dialogues, the fact that he has a group of actors who clearly trust him, and ability to weave a complicated set of themes.

Here he's blended Edgar Allen Poe into Succession. It's like a parallel universe where the Roys finally got served justice.

Main trailer has too many spoilers for my liking but teaser here.

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Trudging into April with horrible cold and decorating. But finding the excellent Fall of the House of Usher has been great evening TV.

@alice @proprietor @mcp I have seen this a few times, someone following me suddenly after I used a hashtag in a post. And yeah, reposts with commentary but nothing pertinent to their daily lives or profiles, no realistic interactions with me or others.

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@davoloid it is said that nearly half of what Tajikistan's gdp is worth comes from remittances. Really hard for families to make a living without... millions of families. BTW we are looking into this in the upcoming episode of #TheGlobalJigsaw

@fulelo This is the kind of thing that will push these countries further away from Moscow's sphere of influence.

@Eka_FOOF_A Bad luck or a symptom of the national crisis in infrastructure maintenance?

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"a candidate who appears to have no love for the city she aspires to lead.”
And even confuses it (London) with NYC.

@denniskoch @tristansnell @FinchHaven Let's not forget that the original fine was a calculated amount based on the individual counts of documented fraud. Not some arbitrary punitive figure.

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@actuallyautistic @neurodivergence My fellow neurodivergent folks, tell me the ableist requirements you've seen in job descriptions. Let's give folks some insight into the stuff that contributes to systemic ableism in the workplace. I know there are way more examples than the few I've already listed.

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@kevinrothrock Not keen on conspiracy theories but this whole event seems mighty fishy.

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What do you wish AI, machine learning, or LLMs could do? What's missing from the current picture? What do existing systems get wrong, or fail to do at all? I'm trying to put together a wish list, for a startup oriented towards explainability, responsibility, and a focus on centering human society and human values.


New feature for Google on phones? Directions now comes with a cutesy 3D animation following the track, but adds lighting conditions, twinkly street lights, stars and weather effects. Same journey tomorrow has raindrops over the screen.

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Me, an idiot: “So, kids, by setting the thermostat a little lower and eating less meat, we’re doing our part to make the world more sustainable”

VCs, very smart: “We just raised $100 billion dollars from the sovereign wealth funds of three petrostates to build the world’s largest AI supercomputer. It uses as much power and water as Guatemala and the primary use case is for management consultants to autogenerate powerpoints for justifying mass layoffs.”

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Trump has ON MORE DAY....


That's the very last day he can ask for bankruptcy. It's the last business day of the week until Monday when seizure of all his properties begins.

Trump doesnt have a week.
Trump has ONE DAY.

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Trump has less than a week to arrange a $454 million bond. There are 331.9 million US citizens. If each American spends only $1.37, then we can all buy a cheap chocolate bar to enjoy while we watch the State of New York seize Trump's properties.

unveils their 2025 City of Culture social media blitz. I *love* the new , reminds me of the 70s/80s which was actually a mastepiece of , capturing the b and the d, the word "wool", and maybe hinting at the sandstone mills and railway viaducts.

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Not letting up, #Nvidia told the audience of #developers and tech executives it was releasing an even more powerful processor and accompanying software, on a platform called #Blackwell -- named after #DavidBlackwell, the first Black academic inducted into the #NationalAcademyOfScience.

#BlackwellGPUs were #AI "superchips" four times as fast as the previous generation when training #AIModels, Nvidia said.

AI giant Nvidia unveils higher performing 'superchips'

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