So confusion maxxed out.

German wikipedia says, Ursa Major consists of 7 stars in the end with Polaris and looks like that [image 1]

On the other hand: English wikipedia and Stellarium says this exact same form is the small bear aka Ursa Minor.

Any ideas?

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Nuff said.

Vanilla Music player

**Note:** As of 23. Jun 2024, Vanilla Music is *no longer* available in the Google Play store:
I simply don't have time to comply with random policy changes and verification requests.
Any release you see there is probably an ad-infested fork uploaded by someone else.

Dino says, why do astronauts use linux. Because they can't open windows in space.


Changing lanes in merica. According to that subreddit.

Though that is not what I experienced when driving there.

Finally reached a state where soldering and coding is done. can come 😃

εxodus - the Privacy Auditing Platform for Android Applications

εxodus analyses Android applications. It looks for embedded trackers and lists them. A tracker is a piece of software meant to collect data

Trying that....

Bitte noch mal langsam zum Mitschreiben:

*teilweise echte Zähne*

Updated version of my profile picture. I hope this improves my performance. But which performance???

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Found this on my phone, no idea where it came from but it is sad and funny at the same time.

It's a -like diagram from 111 days usage of with 17k swipes and 12.... <click here to find out > 😃

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