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"The chatbot’s developers use Redis to cache user information in their server, to avoid having to check the database for every request. The Redis-py library serves as a Python interface."


@jonossaseuraava I see you are self hosting.. this is another level ;)

@Pat I thought this is a still motion and silent movie. 😂

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Oh, yacy. I was a user a while ago, maybe I should return and use it more often again.

Currently my favourite is

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Arkanoid (Imagine, 1987). Very good conversion of the Taito arcade. 33 rounds of excellent music, sounds, graphics and movement that make it an addictive game. The best in its genre, along with Batty and Krakout
#zxspectrum #myspectrumgameoftheday #retrogaming #arkanoid

What about building a play station with controls as a touch banana interface.

Found "Plan 9 from Outer Space (1957) - Full Film" on platform video.qoto.org/w/56TB5hhf1KutB

Now I am happy :ablobwave:

Sascha Pallenberg 🇹🇼 ♻️ ⚡  
I played with the latest update of #DiffusionBee which still uses V1.5 of #StableDiffusion The prompts were "A beautiful neuromancer girl in a st...

Mein Kommentar bezieht sich auf den Winnetou Shitstorm. Der hat nämlich nie wirklich existiert und war nur von ein paar schlechten Journalisten erfunden.

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Noelle Mitchell :verified:  
I just installed #fdroid on my #Android phone and now I'm outraged. This existed the whole time I've had an Android and I was led to believe I coul...
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It's not about clean vs speed.

cmuratori-discussion/cleancodeqa.md at main · unclebob/cmuratori-discussion · GitHub github.com/unclebob/cmuratori-
>Clippings. Contribute to unclebob/cmuratori-discussion development by creating an account on GitHub.

do not use in publications when referring to something like a paradise

Eldorado – Wikipedia de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eldora

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