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Someone help me. I want all posts to be hidden inside a parent post.

@Full_marx thanks for those posts, they explained well the whole controversy. TY!


It is actually a very complex issue.

Has very little to do with religion and more so with getting people out of the mindset of religion=votes.

Article on how Archaelogocal Discoveries were suppresed.

Article on how peace could have been brokered 30 years ago but the liberals in power did nothing

@Full_marx @design_RG The liberals and Marxist historians were the ones responsible for making this such a big issue. back in 1980's the islamic side were ready to handover the land to Hindus for building a Ram Temple. It was the Marxists historians who convinced the Muslims not to handover the land.
K K Mohammad, the ex-chief of Archeological Society of India, in his report clearly mentioned the presence of a grand temple. Watch him speak -

@iakshay @design_RG

Be carefull.

I got banned here for openly being right wing.

It was instance.

I don’t know what I did wrong and no explanation was given either.

I lost all my toots and all my follwers.
Maybe someday I will ask @gargaron

You can say -Dil “Toot” gaya !!!!


So now I have come back as Karl Poopie Marx himself.

Ab ban kar kay dikhao !!!!!

@Full_marx @design_RG well if they start banning people with dissent, they are never going to reach even 1% of what twitter has.

@iakshay @Full_marx I think the fediverse network is at about that 1% size of birdsite. There are instances that are right wing, including some that allow posts that get them blacklisted by others. Qoto is very open and does not block any instances, but expects decent and civilized behaviour from its users.

I think that is a good posture. I read a page today with a list of instances that are blocked by the instance that Karl got banned from.

I also saw posts at another place (included on that ban list) that will show up here, in the federated list, and some are appalling.


@iakshay @Full_marx Oh, you can always move to another instance, Akshay, if you feel your opinions might offend your current host or users. Your followers list can be copied over, I believe. is the mothership, the largest mastodon instance, and was closed to new members for some time.

If you haven't had any problems so far, maybe it's ok, but it will depend on what you post and if there's a reaction from their users.

Regarding "birdsite", no, there's no rule that I know of; I think it's more of a tongue in cheek way to refer to the bigger site only, not mandatory.

@design_RG @iakshay Thankyou so much Rob G.

Must say, the people of Mastadon are very helpful.

Will carry the spirit forward.
If instances can block other instances, you're telling me that fediverses can exist oblivious of each other?

@Full_marx @iakshay You are welcome, Karl.

Yes, instances can chose to not connect to other instances if they deem their content abusive or obnoxious.

Qoto is pretty unique in having a policy of not banning any other instances, and still keeps a very civilized atmosphere.

The banned instances list at has quite a number of instances listed:

@design_RG @iakshay I was gonna ask you for this.

Quite interested in peeping into what the neo-reactionaries are upto. That's a strange bunch.

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