@iakshay @design_RG

Be carefull.

I got banned here for openly being right wing.

It was instance.

I don’t know what I did wrong and no explanation was given either.

I lost all my toots and all my follwers.
Maybe someday I will ask @gargaron

You can say -Dil “Toot” gaya !!!!


So now I have come back as Karl Poopie Marx himself.

Ab ban kar kay dikhao !!!!!

@Full_marx @design_RG well if they start banning people with dissent, they are never going to reach even 1% of what twitter has.

@iakshay @Full_marx I think the fediverse network is at about that 1% size of birdsite. There are instances that are right wing, including some that allow posts that get them blacklisted by others. Qoto is very open and does not block any instances, but expects decent and civilized behaviour from its users.

I think that is a good posture. I read a page today with a list of instances that are blocked by the instance that Karl got banned from.

I also saw posts at another place (included on that ban list) that will show up here, in the federated list, and some are appalling.

@iakshay @Full_marx Oh, you can always move to another instance, Akshay, if you feel your opinions might offend your current host or users. Your followers list can be copied over, I believe. is the mothership, the largest mastodon instance, and was closed to new members for some time.

If you haven't had any problems so far, maybe it's ok, but it will depend on what you post and if there's a reaction from their users.

Regarding "birdsite", no, there's no rule that I know of; I think it's more of a tongue in cheek way to refer to the bigger site only, not mandatory.

@design_RG @iakshay Thankyou so much Rob G.

Must say, the people of Mastadon are very helpful.

Will carry the spirit forward.
If instances can block other instances, you're telling me that fediverses can exist oblivious of each other?

@Full_marx @iakshay You are welcome, Karl.

Yes, instances can chose to not connect to other instances if they deem their content abusive or obnoxious.

Qoto is pretty unique in having a policy of not banning any other instances, and still keeps a very civilized atmosphere.

The banned instances list at has quite a number of instances listed:

@design_RG @iakshay I was gonna ask you for this.

Quite interested in peeping into what the neo-reactionaries are upto. That's a strange bunch.

@Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG Wow, if you're blocked for simply being a 'right-winger' then that sucks! But if you didn't follow their community guidelines then i can understand. I'm sure @freemo won't do such things, for no Apparent/Valid reason.

@Karthikdeva @iakshay @design_RG @freemo

I had a swastika as my dp.

It was a diwali rangoli.

Maybe they though I was a brown nazi supporter IDK

Otherwise I rather accept defeat than abuse anyone.

@Full_marx @Karthikdeva @iakshay @freemo Yes, I think it was a knee jerk reaction to the image. Too bad they never engaged you to request removal, or give you a chance to explain that the swastika is an ancient symbol in India, with deep and spiritual significance. Was coopted by the Nazis, but had been and is still around with other meanings.


Agreed, no mater how "obvious" the first step should be to engage a person first. What a shame :(

@Full_marx @Karthikdeva @iakshay


M.S and even many other mastodon incidents tend to have this pattern of behavior. They tend to pick a secret political affiliation then ban everyone who seems to be on the other side

Fear of M.S abusing moderation, as they do, is exactly why I started so we will never do that here so long as you treat liberals with full respect and dont constantly belittle or attack others then you will be fine, even protected here.

We want people on QOTO to be free, without fear, to post their opinions and ideas. For that to happen we have to ensure we dont go around censoring people for opinions.

Be kind to others and you will always be welcome here regardless of your views.

@Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG

@freemo @Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG
Shows my decision to join QOTO was a well chosen one. And oh, the STEM affinity too.


I'm very glad you are happy here and I hope we live up to the trust you put in us.

@Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG

@freemo You are very welcome. 😃

I have been seeing and feeling many similarities between the fediverse and my first experience with networking, way back in the early 90s.

Back then, all we had were BBSes, phone lines and 2400 bps modems, but there was an international network linking many of them already - FidoNet.

FidoNet had as one of its core principles something similar to your approach here:

- Thou Shall not be Annoying.

immediately followed by the corolary:

- Thou Shall not be Easily Annoyed. 😃

Words of wisdom to live by!

@Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay


I started on the BBS dialup days as well. The connected network between them was just coming around at the time.

Did you play the Doors games like LOTRD?

@Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay


Yes, I did play some of the games. Sometimes you had to be waiting to be able to connect, as in most cases there was only one phone line. People had fun running a BBS in a spare computer, and we could get software galore, when there was no Internet access to the public, which only came later (about 1995 or so here in my region, Ontario, Canada).

Watching the dialing, the link negotiation between the modems, seeing the ASCII art load, it was so much fun. 😃

@Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay

@freemo @Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG

Most Indian who migrated to m.s. Are left leaning, Just think those people soon gonna be mod and they gonna show there bias in moderation.

See the screen shot, making joke of Hindus beliefs, these type of things usually said by Islamic terrorists.

@bisaat I see, please feel free to share anything they have said that you feel has been cruel or mean to others, I will certainly consider it in my dealings.

@freemo You can visit their instance and see for yourself. Here is an example,
This guy proudly supports Nathuram Godse, the Hindu nationalist who killed Gandhi.

@bisaat I dont really know enough about Nathuram Godse to form an opinion of him.

I am more interested in if you have any examples of their instance engaging in harassment or attacks on others. How they treat people, particularly people they disagree with, is far more important to me than someones political opinions usually.


How shamefully disgusting. I dont know why its so hard for people to be decent towards others. Are we really so far gone as a people that this is the sort of shit we have to deal with :(

We are very cautious about who we pick as mods and try to review them for some time. They cam be left leaning or right leaning, I dont mind that, but they must show compassion and objectivity in how they handle others they disagree with.

I a very happy with the mods we have so far in that regard ( @arteteco and @Surasanji

@Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG

@inditoot @freemo @Karthikdeva @Full_marx @iakshay

That is disgusting, and this kind of thing is why people tend to not want to even be in the same room with someone with different or opposing views. 😞

It's a question of decency, no matter what politics you favour. A decent human being wouldn't be doing that just to spite someone else.

I am left wing and very happy with our conversation here, but I do find places like really annoying. 😔

I don't think there can be a single good reason for shutting down an account and destroying all data without at least try to reach out to the user and give him the time to back up data.

@Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG @freemo

@arteteco @Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG @freemo ikr!
We all need chances to explain ourselves for our actions. Nobody is perfect, and nobody exists on purpose :)

@Karthikdeva @arteteco @iakshay @design_RG @freemo

I am gonna contact them.

But I used the same email. Right bow busy with work so will do later.

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