Seems is seeing a third wave of users coming in now. Back when we peaked during the indian exodus we had about 200 new users a day or more, it fell back down to 32 users a day as of 2 days ago, but now today we are back up to 79 new users a day right now! Very cool.

We have also seen a nice spike in toot count, which is good to see, especially considering all the excellent STEM content I see in my steam, loving it!

This pattern seems normal for qoto everytime we have a new wave of users to mastodon. We first get an initial wave, it settles down, then we get a second wave as users learn about the network and decide to migrate over to qoto. It is all very exciting to see.

I'm curious about how this comes about though. Is it just people learning about the network, word of mouth, or perhaps some other factor. As a Data Scientist I crave more data purely out of curiosity.

Either way, welcome new users!


@freemo That is really neat, and also that the tools you have monitor the traffic so well.

I would imagine people who came first might be telling friends at their older place and they come in, second wave.

Posts, I lke active feeds too. Specially the posts that are not single line, cryptic, dada--didi style.

Was never much of a user on the birdsite, still struggle to have that kind of terseness.

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