Follow has many nice FREE ebooks. Classic, public domain and newer CC licensed ones too.

Including a good selection of modern Sci-Fi books, Cory Doctorow’s titles and others.

Cory Doctorow’s titles on file there:

Nice site, recommended.

@design_RG That's cool. Big fan of Little Brother.

I will say though, I really dug Project Gutenberg as a kid. Is this site better?

@realcaseyrollins The book formatting at Gutenberg Project is always very basic. 😔

Both and Feedbooks have much nicer formatted versions.

Feedbooks has some free, some paid eBooks.

@realcaseyrollins @georgia

Feedbooks also has some free, Public Domain books. FBreader has it on as a library source also.

The number on the columns on the left in the image are some of the available free ones.

@design_RG Depends on the book, I suppose, and whether or not you're reading books online or on a Kindle.

@realcaseyrollins On my experience, they showed up as raw scans, without any polishing, formating of chapter titles, content links, etc.

I have prefered to look for other sources if available, but if there aren't, well. 😉

C'est la vie.

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