I think, December is the month of fear for most introverts in India because there are so many weddings that we need to attend which means so much real life human interaction 😩

@_lunawinters My brother had a small wedding of only ~8 family members and I already feel drained going to that. Wasn't just the human interaction but also the events, the photoshooting etc. I feel ya.

@Rovine the rituals get the worst imagination of me. Like, I'll be sitting there, watching the whole ritual, while thinking about how the institution of marriage started, how life started or why am i here?


@_lunawinters @Rovine Can relate to that. These can be terrifying for introvert folks. Help....

@design_RG @Rovine a lot terrifying.
Plus, parents insist on attending weddings and social gathering because 'human is a social animal'

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