Delta Chat is like Telegram or Whatsapp but without the tracking or central control.


Supports GMail, Outlook and more!

@null0x0 @delta Wonderful, I like that.

Hadn't heard about it yet but it's nice to have independent alternatives. 👍


@null0x0 @delta Wonderful!

And while I was having breaksfast, I remembered where I had heard the name.

A few Cuban young people were hanging out and chatting away, I joined them to practice Spanish and was fun. Then it became clear they were still living in Cuba - and that surprised me, that they could be connected into the Mastodon instances, while still physically there. Internet in Cuba was slow, hard to find and expensive last time I was there.

They explained that they used their government issued email accounts and something called . Aha!

This has opened a channel they wouldn't have otherwise; our chat was fast paced, and knowing it worked bridging these and across national barriers to other traffic is great.

@esperera_98 is at our instance, some others were from different ones.



I don't think they know their people are using it and getting access to the Net under the radar.

Which is even more amazing!

@delta @esperera_98

there are similar non-open-source alternatives here, since mail is the only way some of us have to access internet, this is changing though #cuba
anyway, #DeltaChat is a great option and its best asset is the big (and growing) community of developers and enthusiasts
@design_RG @delta @esperera_98


I haven't visited Cuba in many years, am very fond of the country. I am happy that this bridge is opening for you.

The Revolution needs to update itself, the struggle is very real and widespread nowadays.

Future belongs to the younger, as we all have a limited time on this planet. Cheering for you all, hermanos y hermanas.

@null0x0 @delta @esperera_98 @adbenitez

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