Cats, always better with company. Just hangin' out.

And it's but Also or ...

So I thought -- why not post a neat Referral to our feline loving Fediverse accounts that are present in these hashes ?

Here's my new idea, for a or FelinesFollowFridays (the short tag better?)

Some cool accounts to follow if you enjoy seeing Cats. Here's some of mine :

* Georgia's neat and Curated (selected photos, always tops ) --> @cats

* Cat Posting Bot is unbeatable for quantity. Some of you might not see his/her account, since it's on Pawoo, and that is blocked in some instances.

Find a **BETTER instance** without restrictions, maybe? Cat posting Bot is ----> @catpostingbot

* my own account, humbly sharing Twitter imported feline cuties since 2019 ---> @design_RG

* NEW find, Kittens Galore ! ---> @gattini

* fellow Japanese Feline lover --> @catstar

I even thought of checking the Trunk site -- but sadly there's *NO* Cats topic. Dogs have one. We Want One.

Any suggestions to add? Msg me, will add on a future repost. Thank you...

Attachments image credits -- @feralcatgang@twitter -->

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