* Have you ever heard about Friendica ? *

Friendica is interesting; I have an account but used it very little. Should to a more in-depth test and report on it.

Friendica is part of the vast Fediverse Network -- mastodon is the largest group, but not all of it. for general information.


Definitely has some nice features :

- enhanced text formatting, with GUI controls on editor.
- Edit, anytime you want, any of your old posts.
- images can be attached to all posts.

** Get to Know it? -- there's a Try instance.

Accounts there will auto-delete in one week, so you don't waste any space or resources. Like it? get a real instance account. Don't like it? just forget it and it goes away soon.

And it federates easily - - my account there is @rgx
Nerdica is a nice node on the Friendica network.

Lots more instances listed - here :

@rgx Sadly I just had to Delete/redraft one of my posts in this thread, as there was disgusting content posted down bellow -- by a troll whose account has been deleted but the posts are still around.

We had a good reply which is now orphaned -- but can be seen here :

Thank you to the Shebang!, the author and my apology for this action, sadly it was needed.

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