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Inzwischen schon zur Montagstradition geworden, der Lesemontag, aktuell zu Luhmanns "Wissenschaft der Gesellschaft"


I'm pro-Followfriday!

@ninapaley - She's one reason I joined Twitter. (The other one is @kathrinpassig.) She's a feminist creative-commons enthusiast and animator, made several cc movies like Sita Sings the Blues (Indian folklore) and Seder-Masochism (origin of paternal religion) both are iconic and fun to watch!

@janboehm - A German entertainer who runs a very popular (politically left-wing) satire show close to the style of John Oliver, famous for several investigative reports. Now he turns out to be activist and started two instances using public broadcast money: det.social (open) and edi.social (closed).

@sozialwelten - An German initiator of a twitter bubble. He simply started a podcast by talking to random people on Twitter. All interviewees and listeners came closer and formed , a Niklas Luhmann fanbase, basically. However, he runs his own instance now, uses it like a wiki (Zettelkasten).


Das Massenmedium eines SpaceX-Konkurrenten beobachtet das Massenmedium des SpaceX-Gründers.
QT: social.lansky.name/@hn50/10925

Hacker News 50  
Tesla engineers were on-site to evaluate the Twitter staff’s code, workers said Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/10/29/elon-mus...