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Do some accounts flood your TL while others dry out? Here’s a trick

Put your followees in lists that group them by their pace (= toots per unit of time). I use the numbers relative to my own pace. A pace of one means, I have the same. A pace of 50 means, for each of my post they post 50. Yes, those exist.

Here is the script I used to measure the pace:

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@neauoire and @rek - They report their discoveries of making games, art, music, nutrition, software almost self-sufficiently on their sailing boat Pico somewhere on the pacific ocean. I like their style and the idea of having a self-made, unique software ecosystem.

@drazraeltod - German software developer and fpv drone pilot. I share his interest in the unusual, unexpected and lesser known.

@criticalmedia - A German podcast account of an audio-message driven, never-ending debate on society, media and politics.

@Welchering - A German public broadcast journalist () and journalism mentor ranting on bad journalism and broken technology.

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Psst! Subway Tooter für Android!

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Die UNO bezeichnet Polizeigewalt in Deutschland als Systemversagen. Nachvollziehbar in einem Land in dem man polizeiseitig z.B. Schmerzgriffe gegen 12 Jährige die friedlich gegen Umweltzerstörung demonstrieren für angemessen hält, denn die hätten ja die Wahl, heißt es. Die Wahl:

Eigentlich erwarte ich fast täglich, dass plötzlich ein Scheinwerfer vom Himmel fällt.

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Mastodon definately isn't a way for sorting the web. Neither reality.

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IDK Reddit gave me more in 5 min than Mastodon the last 5 months.

Dystopian trading advice 

in solar and producers of vitamin-d-supplements

Mit Mastodon ist es wie damals als ich durch vapen mit dem Rauchen aufhören wollte und am Ende einfach doppelt so viel geraucht hab.

As Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Stripe, Shopify, Lyft, Netflix, and Microsoft lay off workers, let it serve as a reminder that free snacks, beer kegs, and ping pong tables are not real perks.

Do you know what is? Being part of a union that will defend you.

I’m boldly going where I haven’t gone before, which is right here at this site. Apparently this is a “toot.” I would appreciate a follow!

Do you also have an accout at a reddit-like site?

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How about a dislike button?

How do algorithms decide what content you see online? Is there really no way to prevent the misuse of social media to spread disinformation and hate?

Online platforms must be transparent and accountable for what their algorithms decide to promote. It's time we make this happen.

Starting today, we're setting up a European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency in Sevilla, Spain. This is one of the many measures in our new #DigitalServicesAct.

More info:


"Bis Donnerstag um 17 Uhr sollen Twitters verbliebene Mitarbeiter erklären, ob sie für das Unternehmen extreme Belastungen auf sich nehmen wollen – oder kündigen. Das verlangt der Firmenchef Elon Musk in einer geleakten E-Mail."

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Could the EU’s new Digital Services Act (#DSA) apply to Mastodon instances? Only if one grows large enough to earn €10M turnover with 50+ employees or achieves 45 million monthly users. (I don’t see it ever happening that a single instance gets that huge FWIW)

Verlinkte Artikel im Fediverse, die hinter einer Paywall sind, sollten die entsprechend markiert und /oder gekennzeichnet sein? 🤔

(Boost für Reichweite wäre nett :boost_ok: )

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