@redandgreen14 These are some of my favorite #FDroid apps

#AFWall+ firewall apps
#oandbackup backup your phone
#Silence allows for encrypted SMS
#K9Mail email client with PGP support
#OpenKeychain manages PGP keys
#OSMand~ maps (better address recognition than #Maps which has cleaner UI)
#NewPipe or #SkyTube front ends for YouTube
#AntennaPod podcasts
#RadioDroid internet radio
#SMSBackup+ saves SMS to email

Not an exhaustive list but hope it's helpful!

நான் அறிவியல், தொழில்நுட்பம், மென்பொருள், அரசியல், பொருளாதாரம் பற்றி தான் அடிக்கடி பதிவு போடுவேன்.

என்கிட்ட கொஞ்சம் ஹூயுமர் சென்ஸ் கம்மி தான். fb-ல நிறைய பேர் பயங்கர நையாண்டியா மீம்ஸ் போடுறது பாக்க முடியுது.

அவர்களின் சேவை #fediverse -க்கும் தேவை. அப்படி யாரையாவது புடிச்சு இங்க சேத்துவுடுங்கப்பா...

நாங்க நல்லா கவனிப்போம். 😆


Jaunporia @Jaunporia
Hello doctor Freemo, writing one's biodata is always a job, now let me try. I am in my 88th year and had retired after serving on the Indian Railways from 1950 to 1992. I started as an Assistant Mechanical Engineer in 1954 and retired as the General Manager of a zonal Railway in 1988. Thereafter I served for 4 years in a public sector undertaking of the Indian Railways as the chairman -and finally retired in 1992.

After retirement I have kept myself occupied with personal computers and software, solving cryptic crossword puzzles, playing contract bridge, cookery, listening to Indian and Western classical music and giving my political opinions on the current political scenario in India over the social media particularly Twitter.

I would love to interact with subscribers interested in these subjects. Awaiting your response and thank you for all the effort that you are made to make me feel at home and comfortable.


Talk about politics, your hobbies, your interests, your favourite things but don’t talk against someone’s religion. It hurts and it’s unethical. If you do this then change yourself. This world is already full of negativity, bring some love and positivity in yourself and in this world.

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