do i create a new image hosting account every time the one i was using goes down?

Show thread is down? i was gonna upload another couple old images

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More rocks from the same location. This time looking NE. Geologists will have a lot more to say for those layers and the strange cavity near the center :)

Processed MCZ_LEFT
RMC: 30.0000, Sol: 604
LMST: 14:25:26
UTC: 2022-11-01T09:44:16
Credit: #NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

#Perseverance #Mars2020 #Space

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The 7 modern Western modes can all be obtained by starting the major scale at different points. But this is not the best way to understand their distinctive qualities - or even the best order to list them!

The more notes are flatted compared to the major scale, the 'darker' a mode sounds! The fewer are flatted, the 'brighter' it sounds.

And one, Lydian, is even brighter than major (= Dorian), because it has no flats and one sharp!

So, let's list them from bright to dark.


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Interestingly the influx of new users from twitter has increased since Musk's announcement rather than dying down... Apparently Musk isnt doing much to help his reputation.

QOTO User Count  
17,795 accounts +6 in the last hour +99 in the last day +310 in the last week
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Man, I would freak out if Mastodon overtook Twitter in active daily users. Wow. Imagine. #deletefacebook #deletetwitter

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Another escapee from Twitter. Let's jump right into it. Has anyone had any success sourcing a Raspberry Pi Zero W in the US? eBay price gouging doesn't count.

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Hello people! time: I’m a post doc at Salk institute studying and . I am from Arizona and did my PhD at Harvard studying and .

In addition to my research, I care about mentoring and am active in Salk’s SACNAS chapter. I’m also a runner training for my first marathon and have two really good cats.
Here’s my website:

I’d really like more news in mastodon. does anyone know of journalists linking their work here?

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@panlepan @kuyyomorro the web interface will also convert LaTeX to unicode characters, if you click the autocompletion box that pops up, before writing the closing LaTeX delimiter

e.g. π²+∑𝑥

Note that because it's plain text, it can't do any 2D layout like display-mode fractions

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omg, mastodon has markdown. \(E = mc^2\)

windows 11 captioning is finally working and i switched from twitter to mastodon today. lots of changes.

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Philosophy of education, educational theory, history of education or Pedagogik people: are you on Mastodon also now?

Can we make a list? How does this work? 😀


i'll keep the baseball blogging as single threads.

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i don't know if mastodon is ready for my stream of consciousness and liveblogging baseball games

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