Holy hell I think I cracked the stock market! This new algorithm I invented is insane. The back testing was like nothing I've seen and real world performance is already matching exactly what the backtests showed....

@freemo I wonder if you'll say anything about it if, later on, your algorithm doesn't continue making the returns you claim πŸ€”

@2ck Probably not in the sense I wont be shouting it from the rooftops no.. But if someone directly asked me I would be honest

@2ck Its not like it would be intentional. But if i loose 100K on the stock market because I was wrong somehow it isnt likely something to be exciting and make me so gitty I'd go around announcing it. But yea not intentional I wouldnt hide or lie about it.

But So far I've been using real money and its working.


@freemo @2ck how did the trading go today?

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@drewfer I'm debating upping the risk to 500K tomorrow since im getting more comfortable that these results are consistent.

@drewfer I should poitn out today is not in anyway typical or representative of the algorithm. I tried a new tactic where I put the algorithm on a stock I already had faith in as a buy and hold stock (well a two stocks actually) and it wasnt on the TQQQ v. SQQQ swing today as on past days.

So part of the win was the vact that I made a really good stock pick in general, the other part is that the algorithm enhanced the profit by skipping over some bitg downturns and rebuying on the upswing.

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