Wow... I'm on a flight with Sergio Mendes.

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"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.

Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it."

-- Brian W. Kernighan and P. J. Plauger (in The Elements of Programming Style)

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okay, I think I've figured some of these out

dom - likes to play dominos
sub - likes to play subbuteo
switch - uncle works at nintendo
top - sleeps on the top bunk
bottom - sleeps on the bottom bunk
top from the bottom - sleeps on the bottom bunk but pretends their on the top bunk

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computer science: the professional study of getting into a fight with an inanimate object and losing

Setting up for a gig. Fun way to spend a Sat evening.

@MutoShack now you've made me curious. Time to do some Rust on my RasPi 400!

@MutoShack you can't just toss that out there and not follow up!

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Nassim Taleb: Bitcoin failed as a currency and became a speculative ponzi scheme


Yep, I'm alive. Rumors of my death excetera. All my years of lurking in online forums have really honed my skills.

@freemo are you scraping or do they have api's available?

@pganssle have you considered subscribing to some print news rags? It's not 6 months but it would be a delay between when news occurs and when you consume it.

My wife's friend is getting a $200k grant to study alternative medicine this year. She's working with a herbalist and they are going to measure people's chakras, apply herbal medicine guided by medical astrology readings and then remeasure their chakra readings and compare.

This is the same woman that currently refuses to wear a mask and previously wouldn't sign up for Obamacare because it was socialism even though she was living on food stamps.

@freemo @dakara it's federated thought, so we could pull in content from other instances.

@Lwasserman I always seem to do better on the 3rd attempt 😅

@nyetoots @MutoShack @freemo

"[Computer science] is not really about computers -- and it's not about computers in the same sense that physics is not really about particle accelerators, and biology is not about microscopes and Petri dishes...and geometry isn't really about using surveying instruments. Now the reason that we think computer science is about computers is pretty much the same reason that the Egyptians thought geometry was about surveying instruments: when some field is just getting started and you don't really understand it very well, it's very easy to confuse the essence of what you're doing with the tools that you use." - Hal Ableson (author of SICP).

SICP will show you how CS people 'think' about programming problems and teach you your first language (a semi-toy language, useful for instruction) so it's a great first book. I haven't read the Concrete Math book so I can't really comment on it but I'd definitely encourage you to seek out a good algorithms course after that. I think Harvard has some free courses online. Then you'll want to learn a very high level language like Python for general applications. After that, what tools you learn will be more specific to what you want to end up doing.

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