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How ironic is it that Florida stole the election from Al Gore and is now being slowly destroyed by climate change.

Sitting on my back porch reading and the cats started hissing. I glanced up and a raccoon had just climbed up on the porch with us to check out their food bowl!?

It was cool but I'm sitting here in the dark with shorts with no shoes on. I'm sure he was just as surprised as I was but the little guy sure was intimidating.

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@rnickson IMO any company that shuts down their DRM servers should be legally required to distribute the keys and/or a tool to remove their own DRM

I cut my hair and bought a truck. Now I'm heading to the Tractor Supply store in the next town over to pick up a load of compressed wood bricks to heat my house over the winter.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this adulting business.

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Just had about 10" of hair cut off and shaved my mustache.

I can now hide in plain sight :)

Artwork displayed in an upscale restaurant in D.C.

Totally not a butthole.

I'm hungry but not really horny or angry so I don't think anyone wants to hear about it.

People are in line to touch the Charging Bull's balls.

Flying into New York on Sept. 11th. Flying out of New York during a hurricane.

This is going to be an exciting week.

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emacs police 

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