for M 6.4 in Mendocino triple junction (Triangle of Doom) region

aftershocks suggest left-lateral strike-slip in Gorda plate

felt broadly, about 92%g in Ferndale

read more from last year's report

hi res map here

for i n 2018 M7.0 in

normal (extensional) earthquake in downgoing Pacific plate
felt broadly
caused significant ground failures

read report here:

for 22 Nov '22 M7.0 offshore of

normal (extension) event in Australia plate
intensity MMI 8 felt
observed in
seismic waves observed on DART Buoy 55023

read more in the report

for M6.1 in northern

probably a right-lateral strike-slip earthquake along the North Anatolia fault system

strong shaking in the Düzce region, close to the 1999 M7.2 temblor

read more in the report here

M6.1 in

@USGS_Quakes models suggest low chance for lots of triggered landslides and moderate chance for widespread induced liquefaction

Read more in report from 2020:

M6.1 in

@USGS_Quakes PAGER alert suggests large number of casualties and lots of damage

Read more in report from 2020:

for M7.0 offshore of

@USGS_Quakes mechanism shows this to be in downgoing slab (probably?), not on meagthrust

Regional tectonics in 2017 report:

for M7.0 offshore of

@USGS_Quakes models suggest modest chance for triggered landslides and high likelihood for induced liquefaction

Regional tectonics in 2017 report:…

for M 6.9 offshore of

Cocos Isle gage updated due to twitter peer review from Harold Tobin thanks!

also added Bintuhan record

interp poster and plots updated in report here

for M 6.9 offshore of

probably slip along megathrust subduction zone where Chlieh modeled low seismogenic coupling

*in area absent of GPS/microatoll data

read more here:

for M 6.9 offshore of

appears to be a megathrust subduction zone fault earthquake

generated a small tsunami recorded on tide gages

read more here:

for in 2019

M7.1 offshore of

fascinating subduction dipping both east & west

generated modest

read more: regional tectonics, seismic hazard/risk

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