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this account is for Dr. Jason "Jay" R. Patton (aka EarthJay) and I march for science.

His main education/outreach effort is voluntarily writing up posts on These are for and events of interest, sorted in different ways; sorted by year here:

they are an engineering geologist (PG license 9758) who serves the public while at the California Geological Survey, Seismic Hazards and Tsunami programs.

he has been studying the tectonics of the Cascadia subduction zone (a convergent plate boundary fault system) for over 25 years (MS thesis at cal poly humboldt, dept geology). he is an adjunct professor at this dept.

they studied marine sedimentary records (submarine landslide deposits called turbidites) of earthquakes offshore of Sumatra/Cascadia for my marine geology & geophysics PhD at oregon state university.

capital letters are over rated but chocolate and oxford commas are not.

The new Paris 2021-26 urban biking plan will invest €250 million to, among other things, make 52km of pandemic bike-lanes permanent; add 130km of new bike-lanes; add 130K new bike parking spots; & teach all elementary school students to bike.

#Paris #cities #urbanism #leadership #Hidalgo #bikes #bikelanes #transportation #mobility #urbanplanning #urbanbiking #citybuilding

Cool flourescing mineral collection.
Chapman's Gem & Mineral Shop
Fortuna, California
#minerals #geology

@knittingknots @Some_Emo_Chick @geoscience

There seem to be two areas off the flank of the volcano that developed new large-scale sediment wave trains during the eruption and pyroclastic flows. They formed at the base of the slope, and at the pre-existing channel mouths, suggesting they formed due to supercritical flows. They look, to me, to be erosional and depositional cyclic steps and antidunes. I’ve worked with these before: #geology #geoscience #turbidites

Deadly landslide in Ischia 

"Years of illegal construction contributed to a catastrophic #landslide in #Ischia, triggered by a violent storm that sent #mud and debris from Monte Epomeo crashing into the hamlet of Casamicciola Terme".
Map attached is from:


Hello everyone!

I am a #PhD candidate in #PhysicalGeography at the University of #Plymouth (UK)!

I am interested in how people have interacted with #landscapes through deep time and our effect on the #environment. #geoarchaeology, #gis, and #palaeoecology are my tools of the trade.

I used to work in #geomatics and also do some consulting part-time.

Outside of work, I like #gardening, #3DPrinting and hanging out with my animals. :)

magnitude 5.0 #earthquake offshore #Nicaragua 30 minutes ago (2022-11-27Z08:32). Data from station NU.MGAN (Managua, Nicaragua, courtesy of the Nicaragua Seismic Network and obtained from IRIS). This is a good example of why we usually use the vertical component to measure the P-wave arrival and the horizontal components to measure the arrival of the S-phase.

Also in the Christmas tree decorations are two «Powell and Hyde» San Francisco cable cars! Everyone associates San Francisco with Christmas, right? Or is that just geophysicists?

Hi! I’m a research scientist at the Geological Survey of Canada and adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria. I study #earthquakes and focus mostly on #SeismicRisk and #ActiveTectonics. I’m interested in #Paleoseismology #Neotectonics #Seismology #Geodesy and #SeismicHazard.

I’m also chair of the #AGU Hazards Equity Working Group, a Fast Reports editor at @weareseismica and a Building Equity & Capacity committee member for #SZ4D.

It’s #FollowFriday so boost this post and help God get more followers! The more people that follow Me here the more comedy people on Twitter will realize they should move to Mastodon!

If you or a loved one was diagnosed with Muskothelioma you may be entitled to financial compensation. Muskothelioma is a rare brain disease linked to Twitter exposure. Exposure to Elon Musk’s brain via his Tweets, replies, emojis, or by directly working at Twitter may put you at risk. Please don't wait, call a lawyer today!

Friendly #Mastodon Tip of the Day 14

You can create lists to keep up with your favorite accounts - whether they are news, entertainment, education etc.

It's like your own personal feed.
This is best to do on PC. Here are the steps:

1. Follow the account.
2. Press the 3-dotted button next to the bell button.
3. Click on "Add or Remove from Lists".
4. Congrats! You just added the first person to your list!

Follow me and 🔁 for daily #Fediverse tips.

#TwitterMigration #Twitter

An #ASTER image of the Zagros Mts in Fars, #Iran, because #FridayFold and #Geology rules!

And sorry, I can't remember the band combination I used… It's an old composition, but it's false colour, that's for sure 😅

It represents shortwave #infrared and near infrared light, combined as red, green and blue. The colours highlight different rock types that would be "invisible" to the naked eye. It's perhaps 30 km wide.

Amazing #folds

#remotesensing #earthobservation #space #science #satellite

Soft sediment folds for #FoldFriday These gorgeous blocks of downslope slump folds, with a syn-sedimentary, mini erosive unconformity above, are from the Upper Ordovician Ardwell Farm Formation, exposed on the shore south of #Girvan. #Hunterian museum collections. #Geology #Sedimentology #FridayFold

One of my favourite #Fridayfold locations in the Åland Islands, between Finland and Sweden.
Flattened pillow lavas buckled by later minor folding.
#Proterozoic #SvecoFennian

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