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this account is for Dr. Jason "Jay" R. Patton (aka EarthJay) and I march for science.

His main education/outreach effort is voluntarily writing up posts on These are for and events of interest, sorted in different ways; sorted by year here:

they are an engineering geologist (PG license 9758) who serves the public while at the California Geological Survey, Seismic Hazards and Tsunami programs.

he has been studying the tectonics of the Cascadia subduction zone (a convergent plate boundary fault system) for over 25 years (MS thesis at cal poly humboldt, dept geology). he is an adjunct professor at this dept.

they studied marine sedimentary records (submarine landslide deposits called turbidites) of earthquakes offshore of Sumatra/Cascadia for my marine geology & geophysics PhD at oregon state university.

capital letters are over rated but chocolate and oxford commas are not.

for M 6.4 in Mendocino triple junction (Triangle of Doom) region

aftershocks suggest left-lateral strike-slip in Gorda plate

felt broadly, about 92%g in Ferndale

read more from last year's report

hi res map here

BREAKING: The European Union has reportedly warned Elon Musk that Twitter could be BANNED in Europe unless the platform abides by the EU’s strict rules on content moderation.

That sounds significant. #Twitter

Our partners at the Earth Observatory of Singapore Remote Sensing lab has processed a map of Mauna Loa #MaunaLoa surface change from JAXA ALOS-2 radar images acquired yesterday and earlier this year. We call this a Damage Proxy Map, and in this case it shows the areas covered by new lava flows at (29 Nov 2022, 10:23 UTC).
Data products available at eos-rs-products.earthobservato

The Economist this morning:

On Tuesday the World Meteorological Organisation published, for the first time, an evaluation of global water resources. The findings are bleak: much of the world experienced unusually dry conditions in 2021. Although this was partly due to La Niña—a temporary weather pattern that influences the distribution of rains and winds—it is mostly a result of climate change, which is driving up temperatures and worsening droughts. These changes affect economies: in Britain and Europe alone, droughts currently cause around $9bn in losses each year.

#climate #climatechange #lanina

Our partners at the Earth Observatory of Singapore Remote Sensing lab made map of surface displacements for Mauna Loa #MaunaLoa east side from JAXA ALOS-2 radar images acquired yesterday and earlier this year. This #InSAR displacement map shows motion of surface to east and up in this case. The northeast rift zone has expanded due to new magma moving there and the summit has moved down during #volcano #eruption at (29 Nov 2022, 10:23 UTC).
Data products available at eos-rs-products.earthobservato

Set your DVR to record! 📺

Many of your favorite earth scientists (including me - I’m one of your favorites, right? 😉) will be talking about the San Andreas fault on the Discovery Channel on Dec. 15th at 9pm ET!

The show is part of a docuseries called “Brink of Disaster” 🙄. I’m hopeful that the content is better than the title!

#science #earthquake #scicomm #sanandreas #fault #southerncalifornia

Regarding the earthquakes felt around Taupō today, I hope everyone there managed to get some sleep.

"...this activity is almost all aftershocks of the M5.6 earthquake... The most likely scenario is there will be a number of smaller aftershocks which will taper off, much like we experienced with the M 5 in September 2019 with a similar aftershock sequence.”
#Taupō #NZTwits #NewZealand #Earthquake #volcano #Aoteara
More info:

Joy and sadness can coexist. Although it is difficult to notice it during life's storms, having perspective can bring balance.
It's -30ºC/-22ºF temperature today in the environment around me. From the lake near my cabin in the wilderness of the Yukon, I'm sending joy, hope and positivity.
Saxophone: Todd MacLean of PEI
Drum: Gurdeep Pandher

#Radar #interferogram showing deformation of Mauna Loa through Nov. 29 at 00:22 HST. Article on how to interpret this image is at

for i n 2018 M7.0 in

normal (extensional) earthquake in downgoing Pacific plate
felt broadly
caused significant ground failures

read report here:

The new Paris 2021-26 urban biking plan will invest €250 million to, among other things, make 52km of pandemic bike-lanes permanent; add 130km of new bike-lanes; add 130K new bike parking spots; & teach all elementary school students to bike.

#Paris #cities #urbanism #leadership #Hidalgo #bikes #bikelanes #transportation #mobility #urbanplanning #urbanbiking #citybuilding

Cool flourescing mineral collection.
Chapman's Gem & Mineral Shop
Fortuna, California
#minerals #geology

@knittingknots @Some_Emo_Chick @geoscience

There seem to be two areas off the flank of the volcano that developed new large-scale sediment wave trains during the eruption and pyroclastic flows. They formed at the base of the slope, and at the pre-existing channel mouths, suggesting they formed due to supercritical flows. They look, to me, to be erosional and depositional cyclic steps and antidunes. I’ve worked with these before: #geology #geoscience #turbidites

Deadly landslide in Ischia 

"Years of illegal construction contributed to a catastrophic #landslide in #Ischia, triggered by a violent storm that sent #mud and debris from Monte Epomeo crashing into the hamlet of Casamicciola Terme".
Map attached is from:


Hello everyone!

I am a #PhD candidate in #PhysicalGeography at the University of #Plymouth (UK)!

I am interested in how people have interacted with #landscapes through deep time and our effect on the #environment. #geoarchaeology, #gis, and #palaeoecology are my tools of the trade.

I used to work in #geomatics and also do some consulting part-time.

Outside of work, I like #gardening, #3DPrinting and hanging out with my animals. :)

magnitude 5.0 #earthquake offshore #Nicaragua 30 minutes ago (2022-11-27Z08:32). Data from station NU.MGAN (Managua, Nicaragua, courtesy of the Nicaragua Seismic Network and obtained from IRIS). This is a good example of why we usually use the vertical component to measure the P-wave arrival and the horizontal components to measure the arrival of the S-phase.

Also in the Christmas tree decorations are two «Powell and Hyde» San Francisco cable cars! Everyone associates San Francisco with Christmas, right? Or is that just geophysicists?

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