Google Scholar has long allowed non-scientific sources in results, giving legitimacy to sexual abuse misinformation. In the most recent case, a homophobic website with outdated and misinterpreted abuse statistics was sent to researchers enrolled in alerts for abuse-related terms

Nothing to see here, just Google helping homophobic disinformation about abuse spread by letting non-scientific sources appear in Google Scholar results

Being LGBTQ in a world that has allowed extremist views to flourish means worrying about politics and terrorism. Sexual violence also disproportionately affects lgbtq people, including children.

You can find us at the New York State Alliance and NY ATSA joint conference in Saratoga Springs this week! Come learn about abuse prevention!

Helping kids is just about the most noble thing anyone can do. But organizations like @ProstasiaInc cannot exist without our supporters

If you prefer to support on a recurring basis, consider becoming a member:

This feels like SESTA/FOSTA all over again. But we still have a chance to stop it. Please keep sounding the alarm.

This is your semi-regular reminder that Prostasia's evidenced-based approach to preventing sexual abuse is only possible through the kindness of our supporters. And we are one of the few child protection organizations that welcome both LGBTQ+ and sex workers to be involved in the conversation of protecting children.

"Increasingly, congressional action and court opinions reflect concerns about controlling private thoughts rather than preventing and punishing direct harm."

"Perhaps we should be asking for our teenagers for their consent and making negotiations about what we can and can’t post,” Harris continued."

"If the victim is a boy, it may be even more difficult to report abuse, as boys are taught that they're supposed to want sex and that they're only ever the aggressors and never the victims. The fear of shame and disbelief may stop them from disclosure."

Child sexual abuse prevention professionals have to work with uncomfortable truths that politicians prefer to ignore. We're the only child protection organization that actively stands up for those professionals.

Merry Christmas from Prostasia and remember to respect your children's personal space and boundaries by not forcing them to hug relatives this holiday season

“One of them said they wished the person who had harmed them had been able to get help and support before they committed the abuse because if they had, this may not have happened.”

While some groups have gotten distracted railing against taboo art and privacy enhancements, we've remained true to our mission of keeping kids safe and defending human rights. Support us today.

While other groups call for laws to criminalize AI artwork, Prostasia is the only child protection organization researching their effects and standing up against fandom bullying.

"If you cannot volunteer, please consider supporting us by becoming a member or through a financial gift."

The government doesn't need microphones in your house to stop abuse, so why are they using that excuse to read your private online conversations? Support our work to keep kids safe while fighting mass surveillance.

"Right now Prostasia Foundation relies on the work of a few dedicated volunteer support staff. I cannot thank our staff enough for the crucial work they do. But we need more. Get involved today!"

Taking an effective approach to stopping CSAM starts with remembering why it must be prevented. Not because it is gross or "taboo," but because its existence harms and revictimizes children who have experienced abuse and broadcasts their most vulnerable moments.

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