"Shut out of online platforms, many sex workers went back to the street, where they’re at far greater risk of violence and exploitation." sfexaminer.com/forum/law-force

Do you have a passion for making the world (and children) safer? Come volunteer for Prostasia. Sex workers & LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply: forum.prostasia.org/t/three-to

Only a small percentage of mandatory child abuse reports reveal actual maltreatment, and BIPOC families are more likely to be reported and end up in the child welfare system. This webinar discusses alternatives. us06web.zoom.us/webinar/regist

If you wouldn't want your neighbor watching how your kid uses the internet through their window, then you should oppose "child protection" bills that would give the government expanded surveillance powers. Surveillance is always creepy--including when the government does it.

I come across so many cool and interesting people while doing research for my writing and I have to resist the urge to email them when I don't have a valid reason to ask them questions

Join us in the fight against child sexual abuse! Your donations will help us create a safer future for our children. prostasia.org/donate

Concerns about how the underlying technology could be misused aside, it's always good to see more support being given to people who want help to stop viewing illegal content

To all our new followers over the past few weeks: welcome. If you're looking to get involved in efforts to prevent abuse while defending human rights, you can find information about different ways to support us here: prostasia.org/support-us/

Are you a visual artist whose work has been censored online? Join the campaign to protect art on social media by signing the Don't Delete Art manifesto. dontdelete.art/manifestosign-u

Gender-affirming treatments save lives. Politicians who deny trans people, including trans youth, access to healthcare have blood on their hands.

The goal of child protection should be protecting children from harm, not stopping people you don't like from having sex

Protecting children means protecting marginalized children from bigotry and oppression. That's why the Prostasia Foundation has always stood behind trans and other queer people in their fight for acceptance and legal protections, and why we always will.

It's easy for nuance to get lost on social media. If you're looking for clarification on the evidence behind our positions or need help finding accurate information about abuse and prevention, consider joining our forum: forum.prostasia.org/

Prostasia is proud to stand behind the experts who dedicate themselves to keeping kids safe, despite facing growing harassment over their vital work. To our partners in the field: thank you for everything you do. Together, we can build a better future for all children.

It shouldn't be controversial to say that protecting children is more important than protecting dolls or cartoons.

"Among her recommendations are “comprehensive sex education” and perpetration-prevention programs that include “peer support for people who are at risk of offending, but who have committed never to harm a child.”" buff.ly/3jhl4Vo

No matter the situation, adults have the responsibility to avoid putting children in situations that carry a high risk of harm. No child is ever at fault for their abuse.

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