Arousal and feelings of pleasure are normal physiological responses to sexual interactions, regardless of context. To any survivor who experienced either or both during their abuse: you and your experiences are not lesser because of it

We're the only child protection organization that refuses to compromise on your human rights and fundamental freedoms. Support our work with a donation:

We don't rely on fearmongering or moral panic to grab attention because we believe abuse is best prevented when everyone has access to reliable information. Do you agree? Help us grow with a financial contribution:

"The STOP CSAM Act, as amended, would lead to censorship of First Amendment protected speech, including speech about reproductive health, sexual orientation and gender identity, and personal experiences related to gender, sex, and sexuality."

"Instagram, in particular, has a history of failing to moderate harmful accounts despite Meta's anti-hate speech and harassment policies. Attacks have often targeted LGBTQ people, whom Meta has repeatedly claimed it is committed to supporting."

Every year, we intercept thousands of searches for illegal content and direct those searching for it to resources that can help them stop. You can help us grow our impact by donating today:

Donations aren't the only way to support our work. Our most passionate supporters choose to get involved directly as volunteers. You can learn more and see a list of available positions on our website:

"Talking to teens about suicide isn't a fun conversation but it has to be had. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people 10-24 years olds, having the conversation and checking in frequently is imperative to ensure teens have the knowledge to keep them earth side as long as possible."

Teaching kids that it's okay to say no makes it easier for them to speak up if their no isn't respected

From exposing abuse in the foster care system to defending your online privacy from misguided legislation, your support makes everything we do possible. Help us keep fighting with a donation today:

We are Prostasia Foundation, a child protection organization whose mission is prevention-focused, evidence-based and sex-positive. Find out more by watching our new introduction video featuring @DrGTenbergen.

This is what happens when fictional children are protected like real ones. Actual victims of abuse and exploitation are overlooked while law enforcement targets people for playing a video game.

"But perhaps banning social media — or heavily monitoring kids who use it, which is another common parental response — isn’t the most constructive solution to the problem. Perhaps, instead, we should focus more on helping kids learn how to safely navigate social media and manage online privacy and decision-making."

"Our kids have also been harmed by these companies’ greed: their addictive design, their intrusive surveillance, their failure to address online hate, bullying, and abuse. But legislation like KOSA would make our kids less safe, not more safe."

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The parents write: "Big Tech is hurting our kids. KOSA would hurt them even more. We agree there is tremendous urgency around holding social media giants accountable and cracking down on their abusive business practices. That’s why we are imploring you to abandon KOSA, which is deeply flawed and faces overwhelming opposition from human rights, LGBTQ, racial justice, and civil liberties organizations. Then we can work together to advance more thoughtful proposals,"

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Prostasia is a proud sponsor of @Heal2End's Just Healing Retreat, which will gather in community to integrate the wide spectrum of gender, sexuality, and relationships that support and sustain the work of healing.

"In a particularly egregious case, he was told that his attractions made him ineligible to receive support from a helpline for survivors, even after he explained that he had been abused."

Restorative justice isn't about giving people a free pass. It's about giving both victims and perpetrators the option of real accountability and healing. This can be valuable to some of victim/survivors.

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