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With these last few weeks of 2022, we would like to remind you that all donations until December 31, 2022 are being doubled

You can also set up a recurring donation by becoming a member

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In a huge victory for free speech in the UK, the Online Safety Bill will drop the prohibitions on "legal but harmful" content online.

Misinformation about abuse makes prevention harder. That's why we have systems in place to ensure all the information we share is in line with the latest research. As part of this, we maintain a list of research on prevention and related topics.

I feel like a lot of people need to hear this (most of them aren't following me, unfortunately)

Preventing abuse is nuanced and complex, and everyone has opportunity for learning and discussion. We have a forum where you can discuss prevention and child protection so you can learn more - or come up with brilliant new ideas:

"I know I will invest my anger in addressing these issues and being part of the solution. Will you join me and Prostasia Foundation in the fight to eradicate child sexual abuse?"

Encountering child sexual abuse material online can be scary and overwhelming, but reporting it protects survivors. Our Get Help page contains a guide that walks you through the steps to report illegal content and seek support for yourself.

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Leaked audio of a strategy session between Tennessee lawmakers and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America reveals the anti-abortion group telling politicians to wait a year or two before going after IVF and contraception

The idea that stigma enables abuse is a difficult one to understand, and even some experts struggle with the concept. However, the science is clear and the explanation can be simple. We discussed how stigma impedes prevention in a previous blog post:

"Terrifying into silence the people who do this work will only serve to make it easier for abuse to continue."

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RED ALERT: hearing @SenSchumer is falsely claiming he has hear “no opposition” to despite LGBTQ+ and digital rights advocates repeatedly explaining how this bill is a disaster with a lot of the same problems as the EARN IT act and similar bills.

Another child has been bullied into attempting to take their own life over accusations about "pedophilic" artwork. No other child protection group recognizes this crisis because they support and profit from such moral panic.
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@evelynisepic has attempted suicide for a fourth time, and this time was very likely successful, because she has never been as low as she was the last few days. I hope you're happy, twitter. I really ho…

Did you know that falsely reporting drawings and illustrations as CSAM makes it harder for actual abusive content to be identified and removed? The problem is so pervasive that @IWFhotline had to publicly ask people to stop filing false reports.

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NEW: The parents of a teen Mississippi rape victim had to travel 500 miles to help their daughter get an abortion in Illinois.

The family told @MeganWestWAPT that they learned their daughter was pregnant three days after the six-week legal limit passed.

BREAKING: The Senate has passed the Respect for Marriage Act, a historic move forward in the rights of LGBTQ families.

The bill ensures federal recognition of marriage regardless of the sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin of either spouse.

"The poorly drafted 'Kids Online Safety Act' would make kids less safe, and would be weaponized to attack LGBTQ+ people and abortion rights."

"Online spaces have seen a rise in anti-sex and anti-kink rhetoric. They believe that sexual or kink content leads to a rise in “degeneracy” and people who consume that content are predators."

Passionate about prevention? The best way to make a difference is to become a member by setting up a recurring donation. There's something in it for you too, as members get perks depending on how much they give.

"I was never taught what warning signs I should be worried about. I had no idea what grooming was or how it worked. I knew I wanted romance and sex, but I didn’t understand how those feelings could be exploited and make me into a target."

As the year comes to a close, we would like to remind you that all donations until the rest of the year are doubled!

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