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Preventing consenting adults from creating pornography doesn't keep kids safe. It does, however, place an unnecessary burden on moderators and law enforcement officers whose job it is to ensure actual CSAM doesn't spread online.

Why is a human rights-centered approach ideal for keeping kids safe? It lets us recognize and address the additional risks faced by children who are members of marginalized groups, including higher rates of suicidality, mental health issues, and abuse targeting these children.

Attractions don't commit abuse, people do.

This simple fact is the foundation of all work to prevent abuse. Human behavior, unlike attractions, can be changed, meaning nobody is doomed to harm a child. Those who are at risk of doing so can be given support to find another path.

What does it mean that Prostasia takes a prevention-focused approach? While other child protection organizations work to identify and stop ongoing abuse or provide support to survivors after abuse has occurred, we work to stop it from happening in the first place.

"By scaling back our activities in other areas such as events, consulting, and advocacy, Prostasia was able to focus on its most distinctive contribution: the primary and secondary prevention of child sexual abuse"

It's no surprise that the most controversial child protection organization is led by queer people and CSA survivors. Stigma and shame are used to silence members of both groups when they speak out. But that won't stop us from continuing to fight for the wellbeing of children.

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In his closing, Rep. Stubblefield quoted a verse from Deuteronomy and just said he believes any man that dresses as a woman or any woman that dresses as a man is “an abomination”. So it’s not about “protecting children”. SB43 passes unanimously of out committee.

If you experience harassment because of your work in child protection or a related field, check out our resource guide

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"Now that the alt-right's 'groomer' campaign has become better understood for what it is, and as Prostasia Foundation prepares to introduce its new Executive Director for 2023, the time is right for us to return to the field of political advocacy."

"a major challenge during 2022 was the increasing misuse of the term “grooming” to justify violent rhetorical and physical attacks on marginalized LGBTQ+ communities, sex educators, sex workers, and even CSA prevention researchers and clinicians."

Did you know? Prostasia is one of the only organizations acting as a watchdog for the child protection community. We call out attacks on LGBTQ people and violations of human rights disguised as child protection while continuing to promote evidence-backed prevention efforts.

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Do not trust personal feelings of discomfort when it comes to whether some sexual fantasies are "normal"/"healthy" or not.

Believe the research.
Believe the experts (psychologists, therapists, sexologists, etc).

"I find this gross" is not proof that something is bad/unhealthy.

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“The headline issue here should not be that a teacher has an OnlyFans, but why teachers, key workers, are paid so little that they must turn to sex work to survive.”

You cannot support a group's access to therapy and other services while opposing that same group's fight for protection from discrimination and stigma.

Many of the groups affected by the issues we discuss struggle to find support. Whether you're a CSA survivor, a MAP, someone who encountered illegal content, or an artist who's rights are being infringed, our Get Help page has resources for you.

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I don’t know about you, but child beauty pageants are way more problematic then consensual drag shows.

It can be easy to fall for misinformation, especially when controversial topics like evidence-based abuse prevention are involved. If you think you may have been misled about Prostasia, check out our supplemental FAQ.

Did you know? Prostasia is one of the few organizations taking an evidence-based approach to preventing the spread of CSAM. You can learn about our deterrence project, which has redirected over 200,000 away from abusive content, at the link below.

When bigots try to conflate one group with another, the bigots are the problem, not either of the groups they're attacking.

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