Next time your feeling down just remember there are people stupid enough out there to sincerely beleive germ theory is a hoax, the earth is flat, and that human-caused global warming is a conspiracy...

People literally beleive the whole of science is some giant cabal of scientists in on the conspiracy just so they can get paid... never mind the fact that research scientists are some of the lowest paid scientists compared to those who work for companies implementing and doing...


@freemo And for the flat earth thing, that GPS is fake. All geographic data has been faked and warped to make us look like we're on a globe. Oh and also we faked the historical records to fake people finding out we live on a globe. Oh and also the whole space program is faked.

I feel like once your in that deep there's no getting out :ablobrollingeyes:

@ephyra it only works if you dont actually understand how **anything** works, thats the problem and why its so scary. If they understood even a tiny bit of science they whole thing comes flying apart.

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