@Ca_Gi ¡Hola! Me he enterado de que necesitan ayuda para traducir al español y al francés la guía de Mastadon. Me gustaría ayudar con la versión en Español ya que es mi lengua materna. Saludos desde Cuba 😊

@Ca_Gi Hi! I've heard that some help is needed with the translations of the Mastodon Guide. I could help with Spanish, after all is my mother tongue 😁. Greetings from Cuba 😊

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@esperera_98 @Ca_Gi

Oops, el no habla Castellano, CL, o no estaria a pedir ayuda, no? 🇪🇸

Our friend is English speaking I believe, and wouldn't ask for translation help for Spanish if he spoke it. 🇬🇧


Oh, yes, I think you are right, there's lots of tweets in italian on his feed.



Well, I understand. 😛 Added the link for completion only, since Ca posted his request there.


@esperera_98 Well done. The message will go thru and you can expect a response, probably later or tomorrow morning, It's past midnight in Italy right now.


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