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The amazing thing about the whole Microsoft Recall debacle is that presumably not one of the mighty 7-figured salaries Industry Leading brains thought that what they were proposing was a shit idea.

Just realized the Mastodon account for @FrameworkPuter when I first came on board has 17k followers. Not bad.

Our first post, November 18th, 2022. I honestly wasn't sure how popular it would be - boy was I pleasantly surprised!

First post:

Believe it or not, there is still plenty of interesting and exciting work to talk about that doesn't involve LLMs.

Cryptographers contributing to the IETF is working to standardize FROST, a two-round threshold signature algorithm based on Schnorr proofs, which is backwards compatible with Ed25519.

This means it will soon be possible to generate Ed25519 signatures from, for example, 4-of-7 shares held by independent parties. And the verifier doesn't need to do anything different; it's just an Ed25519 signature to them.

That's cool as fuck.

There's little-to-no hype about it.

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yes, hello gentlemen. I have summoned you all here because you share a unique property: you manually label files you've uploaded as "pdf" in the search indexes, but then when one clicks through to download, it's a mobi. Please, gentlemen, I have a surprise for you in the basement

ORG has launched our Manifesto to protect digital rights ✊

From URL to IRL, digital rights keep us safe from government and Big-Tech surveillance, as well as hackers and criminal threats.

Here are six pledges the next UK government should prioritise ⬇️

#GeneralElection #DigitalRights #DigitalRightsAreHumanRights #privacy #freedomofexpression #Manifesto #ukpolitics

Canonical working on #Ubuntu for the 'first RISC-V laptop'. How exciting. No price listed, or expected production volumes. Start the speculotron!

Expectation: $900 / 1000 units
Hope: $400 / 10000 units

John McTiernan's Predator was released 37 years ago today. What a movie.

And this year I have a special thought for Carl Weathers, who left us in February. 😔

I'd like to tell a quick story about successful troubleshooting.

A few months ago I rented a scissor lift to install lighting at my new office. When it arrived, the delivery person gave me a quick demo and off he went.

Well, when I went to actually use it - the lift went up by about a foot then stopped and screamed beeps of terror. It was broken!

But the display on the control read "18"

Rather than call the rental company, I searched "sinoboom fault code 18" to see what that meant.

There's a trans woman who I bumped into last year at OSHUG in Hendon Bridge, and again at #EMFcamp a couple of weeks ago. Annoyingly I am really bad at names so I can't for the life of me remember who she is.

So. You. We met at OSHUG. And at EMF. If that's you, I could use a chat.

Calling all kernel 6.9 using folks - looking for feedback on your experiences.

- Distro/release
- Confirming it's 6.9.x
- Experiences with your typical day's usage compared to 6.8 and previous.

Please be overly clear in your config! More data is great! 😎 :allthethings:

@mediaarchaeologylab Thanks-- I had no idea that 8-track could provide power! This opens the door to a wifi-enabled 8-track cartridge.

@neil @decodedlegal even if your work blog is just your technical legal posts from time to time, that would allow people to filter out your puns and loud shirts :-)

Utter bastards are hugely excited by the Tory manifesto

Utter bastards are hugely excited by the Tory manifesto
It offers the upward redistribution of wealth we've been crying out for!

I mean, fuck me if I can find a single trash can on a train in Ireland. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands…

(Yes, I got a Starbucks coffee… it’s what they had at the station. Don’t you judge me!) :)

#design #attentionToDetail #publicServices #modernLife #netherlands #trains

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The only good thing that's definitely going to come of the July 4th election in the UK is that the Rwanda deportation policy is going to be cancelled on July 5th. It's as dead in the water as Labour's National Identity Register was in 2010, last time round: one of those zombie policies pushed by the Home Office that nobody in office wants to admit is toxic and dead on arrival.

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