Any networking knowledgeable people ?

Why would suddenly my data rates jump by around 8 times ?
Confirmed in the tpPLC app as well as with plcstat which generates this graph.

Well, that's first part of right hand drive conversion done.
Only minor rebuilding of wing actuator needed.

Can you guess what it is yet?

It's really really alive !

Using VirtualBox, Windows 3.1 and a USB to serial adapter.

No joy under Wine as just crashes.

/cc @newtontalk

I must not check for offers.
I must not check for offers.
I must not check for offers.

Fuck it. It's fine, right?

Today I got a LLM running locally.

With acceleration and a four gigabyte modal, the response time is as good or better as I'd get from stealing all my data - around ten tokens / sec on a @frameworkcomputer AMD 13"

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